‘Smallville’ Producer Has Kind Words For Zack Snyder’s Superman

Superman Man of Steel Henry CavillThe response to Zack Snyder’s adaptation of Superman, from Man of Steel to Justice League, has been very polarizing. Some love the darker, heavier take on Superman while others have longed for the heroic, charming Supes from the comics and cartoons. One of the producers of Smallville, Steven S. DeKnight, is a big fan of Snyder’s approach.

While doing press Pacific Rim: Uprising, ScreenRant spoke with DeKnight about Superman, given his past with the hero on The CW’s Smallville. Here’s what the writer/director had to say about the difference between adapting Batman as opposed to adapting Superman, as well as his thoughts on Snyder’s adaptation:

“Superman’s very different from Batman. Batman is this dark, psychologically messed up guy, Superman’s the man we all aspire to be. He’s inspirational and to try to find the human side of that, and not to mention, he’s so powerful it’s harder to relate to him so it’s very, very difficult.

I actually really like what Zack Snyder has done with that character. It’s a super hard, very tricky character to do and like I said, if we were doing on Smallville, if he were Superboy on Smallville, I don’t think it would have worked.”

Despite many fans not connecting with Snyder’s Superman, plenty of people connected with the humanizing of Superman, DeKnight being one of them. He makes some very good points too, which makes sense considering DeKnight helped bring Supes to the small screen years ago.

Do you agree with DeKnight? What do you think of Snyder’s Superman? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: ScreenRant

5 Actors Who Should Play Two-Face Ιn Τhe DC Extended Universe

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Two-Face DC ComicsWhile characters like Joker and Catwoman are the most popular among Batman’s rogues gallery, Two-Face is one of the most tragic and menacing. The character has already been played by Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart on the big screen, but Two-Face has yet to join the newly-created DC Extended Universe. With The Batman coming out soon, there’s a solid chance audiences will be introduced to Harvey Dent as Matt Reeves expands on Gotham City.

Two-Face wasn’t always a dastardly villain, though. He started out as a dedicated District Attorney in Gotham. After taking the mob to court too many times, Harvey had acid thrown on his face. Not only did the incident scar half of his face, but it also sent Dent down a path of mental instability. While Dent can control himself sometimes, more often than not his murderous persona comes out and the two are forced to argue for control over his actions. Obsessed with the the idea of chance and what’s fair, Two-Face has a personal history with the Caped Crusader that makes this dangerous villain an emotional challenge for Batman unlike any of his other foes.

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    Hey, mediocrity recognizes mediocrity.

  • I totally agree with DeKnight! It’s funny — Tom Welling is my favorite live-action Superman, and Henry Cavill is my second-favorite. So, one of the creative voices behind my favorite live-action Superman is praising my second-favorite live-action Superman. DeKnight has actually been one of my top choices to direct Man of Steel 2 for a while now, thanks largely to his amazing work on Smallville! He wrote some of my favorite episodes of the show, including “Mortal” and “Thirst”! I think that Snyder gave us an incredibly moving, inspirational, beautiful, and thought-provoking look at the character of Superman. I loved what he did!