Social Media Amplifies ‘Batman v Superman’ Box Office Predictions To 160M+

“The Red Capes are coming, The Red Capes are coming.”

Batman v Superman hits theaters tomorrow and analysts are assuming that this will open up huge at the box office. Deadline is repoting that online chatter is boosting this projected opening to 160+ domestically.  Batman v Superman is in the spotlight and online fans are curious to know a few things. A few things like, how is Benfleck as Batman? Why does Lex Luthor have hair in the movie?

Gal Gadot is apparently killing the other stars on Social Media with fans following her in excitement for her portray of Wonder Woman. Aflleck is second in command followed by Henry Cavill. Talk about this film is insane with I’ve 727M impressions. Trailers are killing it on iTvspot with over 1. 64 billion impressions. They are on trailing behind Furious 7, Minion, Age of Ultron and Star Wars. So whether you like it or not this film is going to be huge due to fan excitement.

Although reviews have been mixed(40% on Rotten Tomatoes), are you still excited to see the greates Gladiator Match in the history of the World? Sound off in the comments section.

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Fearing the actions of a god-like Super Hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’s most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it’s ever known before.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is Directed by Zack Snyder and wil Star Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice hits theaters this Friday, March 25th 2016!!!

SOURCE: Deadline

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