Sophie Turner On What Makes Her Jean Grey Different Than Famke Janssen’s In ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’


The upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse will introduce us to younger incarnations of characters that we’ve met in the X-Men series and included in those is the character of Jean Grey. The character was previously portrayed in the first three X-Men films and The Wolverine by actress Famke Janssen. However, when we take a trip back to the 80s, Sophie Turner will portray the young Jean and while speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the actress revealed one factor that will make her incarnation of the character different than Jannsen’s.

The difference between this and Famke’s Jean Grey is she’s young and isolated and so insecure and very alienated – even from the other mutants – because she’s so powerful.

The young actress then when on to reveal that it is through this isolation and alienation, that her and Scott Summers (who will be portrayed by Tye Sheridan) find one another in the film.

So there’s a real vulnerability to her and it’s great to see how her and Scott find each other through that alienation. She’s a great role to play, she’s so much fun, and her arc in the movie is amazing.

Are you looking forward to seeing Turner as the psychic mutant in the film? Let us know your thoughts on what the actress had to say in the comments section below.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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