‘Spider-Man 3’ Sandman Actor Defends Topher Grace’s Venom

Sandman Spider-Man 3 Venom Topher GraceSpider-Man 3 is universally hailed as a disappointment compared to Sam Raimi’s previous films in the trilogy. If one were to revisit the film today, they would notice so much of the wasted potential that the narrative had – especially in regards to the film’s main villains Flint Marko/Sandman (Thomas Haden Church) and Eddie Brock/Venom (Topher Grace).

In an interview with JoBlo, Thomas Haden Church reflected back on his experience as the Sandman in Spider-Man 3. Church mentions in the interview that he was a fan of his co-star Topher Grace’s portrayal as Venom.

“The studio felt like they had me, they had Franco’s story continuing, and they were like, we need one more that’s more of a millennial. And that’s how Venom and Topher Grace came into the picture. And by the way, I thought Topher was great in the movie and Venom is a pretty scary animal. And that was the evolution of that. I was thrilled, man.”

Although fans responded well to the design of Venom in Spider-Man 3, fans and critics alike were critical of Grace’s performance as Eddie Brock. Many felt that Grace was miscast in the role and even though he has the opportunity to shine during the film’s action climax, we see Eddie suffer a premature demise.

Hopefully, Ruben Fleischer is able to tell a great story for Venom. After all, Sony Pictures had been developing a Venom film for years and although many remain skeptical, hopefully the cast and crew can prove the naysayers wrong. After all, it has been nearly 11 years since Spider-Man 3. Safe to say, it’s about time.

Directed by Fleischer and written by Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner, Kelly Marcel and Will Beall, the film stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed and Reid Scott.

Venom is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on October 5, 2018.

Source: JoBlo

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Spider-Man Trilogy Sam Raimi SonyTom Holland’s Spider-Man is a full-fledged member of the Avengers, but the character has a long history on the big screen. Before Captain America: Civil War and the (not so) Amazing Spider-Man series, Sam Raimi helmed a trilogy starring everyone’s favorite web-head. A B-horror director with a flair for silly moments, Raimi was the perfect choice to bring this quirky character to life.

While they’re far from perfect, Sam Raimi’s movies are gems within the superhero genre. Behind all the whimsical energy and the jokes is a stable of great characters who carry the series forward. No matter how efficient and effective the trilogy is at bringing joy to audiences, there are still a few behind-the-scenes secrets that people don’t know about.

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  • The Venom design was not good in that movie, and we barely get to see it anyway.

  • Jonny

    And isn’t Vemon somewhat sympathetic in the comics,not to mention he was umdisputably the most unforgivable villain in the Sam Raimi trilogy (I won’t elaborate in the nitty gritty here) but also for what it’s wortg,X-Men might become a part of the MCU for the final Avengers film