The 10 Best Episodes Of ‘Spider-Man: The Animated Series’

10. Sins of the Father Chapter 11: Carnage

Spider-Man Sins of the Father

When two fan favorites get together and start to wreck the city, how could I not have it on this list? That’s exactly what happens when Carnage and Venom get together to do the bidding of Baron Mordo. However, Mordo realizes that Carnage is just enough for what he needs so he sends Venom on his way, but that won’t stop Eddie Brock from trying to ruin Peter’s life. Later on, Eddie tries to balance the fight between himself and Venom, something he’s clearly trying to do because he’s fallen in love with his doctor. Once Spider-Man realizes that he needs Brock to stop Mordo and Carnage, Iron Man joins them to stop the trifecta of doom. All the lives that Carnage and the rest took are returned, but in the final fight, Eddie sacrificed himself to save the woman he loved.

Seeing Carnage and Venom in their own version of Maximum Carnage was a pretty cool sight as a kid. It’s a story of even though you have your differences with others, when the time comes, it could be beneficial for both of you to put aside your feelings for the greater good.

  • eri1313

    I loved Rogue in the cross over!

  • Doge

    Ah, the 90’s, back when cartoons weren’t afraid to be a little darker, when the writing was good, when they were fit for both children and adults to enjoy in. When no matter how dark the episode would get there’d still be a positive lesson in the end. Excellent list and a trip down memory lane. I miss those times where cartoons were produced with so much quality.