Every ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Villain Ranked From Best To Worst

12. Aleksei Sytsevich/The Rhino, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Rhino Spider-Man Villain

When it was first announced that Paul Giamatti was joining the impressive ensemble of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, fans got excited. It is never a mistake to recruit one of the most talented character actors in the world to be part of a big comic book film starring Marvel’s flagship hero. Also, the idea of seeing Giamatti as a villain was incredibly intriguing in theory.

Boy did they drop the ball.

Giamatti plays Aleksei Systevich with a cartoonish Russian accent and hams it up to unimaginably terrible levels. Thankfully, The Rhino is not the main antagonist in this film, and serves as a minor obstacle for Spidey to overcome in the opening action sequence as well as the film’s ending.

It is so unfortunate that Giamatti was wasted in such a thankless role, but it is also depressing that he is the last villain Andrew Garfield’s Spidey ever gets to fight onscreen. The Amazing Spider-Man films have many issues, but Garfield deserved better villains (and movies).

Noah Villaverde

Noah Villaverde

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