Every ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Villain Ranked From Best To Worst

8. Eddie Brock/Venom, Spider-Man 3 Spider-Man Venom

Believe it or not, Spider-Man 3 is nowhere near is bad as we remembered. Sure, it is still a crushing disappointment especially compared to the first two films, but within the jumbled mess of a script, there are some redeeming qualities to be found.

One of the redeeming qualities can be found in Venom. On a design standpoint, the visual effects artists nailed it. Whenever we see Venom in all of his glory, he is terrifying and commands the screen.

Sadly, while Venom was dead-on aesthetically, Topher Grace was beyond miscast. For one, the film already had too many characters and Eddie Brock himself was not that interesting. Sure, we see him as a rival to Peter at the Daily Bugle and his vendetta against him only grows after he sees him go on a date with Gwen Stacey, but Grace never fully brings it to the role.

Sure, seeing Venom fight against Spidey and New Goblin had its moments, but one of the unforgivable sins of Spider-Man 3 was how the use of Venom was rushed and comes to an abrupt end after Eddie desperately jumps into the symbiote as he dies within the pumpkin ball explosion. Hopefully, Ruben Fleischer and Tom Hardy can right those wrongs with the Venom movie.

Noah Villaverde

Noah Villaverde

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  • Jacob McMillan

    Best to worst. Doc Ock, Green Goblin 1, Shocker, Vulture, Lizard, New Goblin, Sandman, Green Goblin 2, Venom, Electro

  • Bidan

    Let’s see here Leatherface >>>>>>> TIMEMOVIESFILM9.BLOGSPOT.COM

  • Scott Whalen

    Any talk of the best villain performances in comic book movies must include Molina. Of course Ledger’s Joker is still the best, but any talk of the next 4-5 has to include him. Noah, you got it right with this one.

  • Good article but I would say Vulture, Green Goblin are the better villains potrayed in Spider-Man movies

  • Sodas and Fries

    Title: “Every ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Villain Ranked From Best To Worst”

    Article starts with the worst Villains. *facepalm*