Spoiler Seen On Set Of ‘The Flash’


Be warned that this contains a possible major spoiler for the second season of The Flash. If you prefer to go into the series blindly, turn away now.

In the second season of The Flash, the audience is going to be treated to a look at Earth-2. The real story here, however, pertains specifically to Robbie Amell’s character, Ronnie Raymond. He appeared to be long gone after his last appearance, during which he had to give himself for the greater good of Central City. But the below set picture indicates that he may be alive as Earth-2’s Firestorm.

While it’s just as possible that this is simply an alternate universe version of Amell’s character, the takeaway here is that Amell’s work on The Flash is far from over. Whether his character survived or we’re simply seeing a new take on him, expect to see more of him sometime after The Flash returns on January 19.

Source: CBM

(Kieran Hair)

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