Stan Lee On Why Doctor Doom Isn’t A Villain

doctor-doomOne of the most beloved Marvel characters in the whole Marvel Universe, is the villainous Victor von Doom a.k.a. Doctor Doom, mostly associated with the Fantastic Four, but also one of the most dangerous villains of that universe. But does everyone see him as a villain? Stan Lee, who created the character, doesn’t seem to share that opinion about Doctor Doom.

KJ Ricci, who is a 14-year old leukemia survivor, got to interview Lee recently and one of his questions to the legendary comics creator was who Lee’s favorite villain. Lee said Doctor Doom, but gave quite an interesting answer and angle on that character.

“Everybody has Doctor Doom misunderstood. Everybody thinks he is a criminal, but all he wants is to rule the world. Now if you really think about it objectively, you could walk up to a policeman, and you could say, “Excuse me, officer, I want to tell you something: I want to rule the world.” He can’t arrest you; it’s not a crime to want to rule the world. So, it’s unfair that he’s considered a villain, because he just wants to rule the world. Then maybe he could do a better job of it. So I’m very interested in Doctor Doom, and I’d like to clear his name.”

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Source. KJ Ricci

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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    The irony here, is that I do agree with him. The sad part about it, is that Doom’s greatness (I’m going on record YET AGAIN, as saying that Doom is THE GREATEST villain in all of comics), is that he is overshadowed by the gray areas of the Marvel universe.

    As DC puts it, a hero is only as great as the villain(s) he fights. However, It’s hard for Doom to do that with any of the “heroes” in Marvel, because most of those same “heroes” engage in their own levels of villainy themselves.

    I’ve said that Doom is a mix of Luthor and Ra’s Al Ghul. Both those characters make their respective heroes (Superman and Batman) into greater heroes. Yet, Doom (who is really a Marvel universe villain) doesn’t make his true nemesis, Mr Fantastic (and the entire FF, for that matter) better as “heroes”. When Reed Richards isn’t dwelling in obscurity, he’s engaging in his own level of villainy, that makes anything Doom does seem noble by comparison.

    I’ve always said that characters like Doom’s biggest weakness, is that they are owned by Marvel.

    • Axxell

      It’s great that Marvel allows for this gray area so you’re not blindly following or being a fan of characters just because of their suit, which is a good habit to exercise in the real world where nothing is black and white. That’s why Marvel has always been more realistic than DC comics from a thematic standpoint.