Stan Lee & Mark Hamill Teaming Up For New ‘Avengers’ Series

Stan Lee Mark Hamill Avengers Black PantherStan Lee and Mark Hamill are collaborating on an animated series titled Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest.

Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest will the next season of Disney XD’s animated Avengers series, with Mark Hamill and Stan Lee providing the voices for characters on the show. The role of Arnim Zola will be voiced by Hamill, who described the character and explained why he is excited to join the series:

“Well, he’s a brilliant HYDRA scientist and he now has a technological body, I mean he’s been implanted into this robot-like exoskeleton. I mean it’s fantastic fantasy. He’s a time traveller who has been locked in a 70-year battle with Captain America. I’m excited because Black Panther is coming into the storyline.”

Stan Lee, whose character remains under wraps at this point, joked about why working with Mark Hamill is “terrible”:

“Because when I hear him read the lines, when I hear how talented he is, how he can do another dialect and become another person, it’s fantastic. I read lines beautifully, but only as myself. I mean, if I had to be Baron Zemo, I wouldn’t know how to do it, but he becomes Baron Zemo.”

Hamill has previously voiced Arnim Zola in other Marvel shows, including Avengers Assemble. 

The new series will premiere on Disney XD in fall 2018.

Source: Marvel HQ

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Fantastic Four MembersIt may sound counter-intuitive, but the Fantastic Four has had more than four members over the years. Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing are the core of the team, but various superheroes have joined Marvel’s first family over the years. While they may be a superhero team, the Fantastic Four are closer to a group of explorers who have to rely on each other and use their wits to get out of sticky situations.

Whether the core members are lost in space or Reed and Susan just need some time away to work on their marriage, the Fantastic Four still have responsibilities. Crime never sleeps, and without the Fantastic Four keeping the world safe, even more villains would hatch their villainous plots. Whether it’s The Thing or someone else yelling, “it’s clobbering time,” the truth stands that the Fantastic Four will always be there to save the day.

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