Stan Lee Wants To See A Silver Surfer Solo Movie

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At any convention or event in which he is in attendance, Stan Lee is a god among men. Unfortunately, 2017 has been a year of incredible ups and devastating downs for the comic book icon that created characters that have captured the imaginations of readers for the past six decades. Following the recent passing of his wife of almost 70 years, Joan Lee, Stan has kept busy, being named a Disney Legend and inducted into their Hall of Fame at this year’s D23 Expo, as well as having his hands and footprints immortalized in the cement at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood just a few weeks ago.

Lee will next be honored at Extraordinary: Stan Lee, a live tribute event where celebrities like Chris Hardwicke, Todd McFarlane, Michael Rooker, Lou Ferrigno and more will gather to celebrate the icon’s illustrious career. The event takes place on August 22nd in Beverly Hills and Lee recently spoke to SyFy Wire about the festivities.

During the interview, Lee revealed that he is still hoping that one of his long-held favorite creations, the Silver Surfer, will get a proper adaptation on the big screen. Here is what he stated:

“He’s the one I want to see more. He’s the most philosophical of all the characters I’ve ever worked on. And I have an idea for my cameo in that one!”

Norin Radd, aka the Silver Surfer, first appeared in Fantastic Four issue #48 in 1966. The character made his feature film debut in 2007 in director Tim Story’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, where he was physically portrayed by Doug Jones and re-voiced in post-production by Laurence Fishburne. The film pretty much nailed the look the character, but that may be the only thing it managed to get right.

Silver Surfer is currently owned by 20th Century Fox, of course, who owns the rights to all of Marvel’s Fantastic Four characters, so there is no telling when we might see him again. So far, the only Fantastic Four-related film that we know for sure Fox is actively developing is a film that will feature Doctor Doom from Legion creator Noah Hawley, which could either be a solo movie or a yet another Fantastic Four reboot. There are also rumors of a film that is to feature Reed Richards and Susan Storm’s son Franklin Richards.

However, if we were to see the rights revert back to Marvel someday, the character would be a wonderful addition to the Cosmic Universe that Marvel Studios is currently trying to build out. As the herald of Galactus, it would be a really interesting journey to follow him from world to world as he drops in to warn them that his master is on his way to devour them.

Source: SyFy Wire

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