Stan Lee To Sue Former Manager On Charges Of Fraud

Stan Lee Spider-man Homecoming Stan Lee is set to sue his former manager on accounts of unscrupulous behavior which led to Lee losing both money and blood.

Marvel comics legend Lee recently took to Los Angeles Superior Court to sue his former manager Jerardo Olivarez. According to Lee, many unscrupulous businessmen, opportunists and other unsavory characters approached him after the death of his wife in order to take advantage of him. Olivarez, a former business partner of Lee’s daughter, was one of these characters.

The suit goes on to state that Olivarez took “unauthorized and fraudulent acts and omissions” by managing all of Lee’s affairs, both professional and financially, leading to Lee losing “a tremendous amount of money as money and assets were transferred to Olivarez by Lee without Lee being aware these actions were being taken.”

However, transferring assets seemingly wasn’t the only thing Olivarez did to Lee. Within days of the death of Lee’s wife, Olivarez fired Lee’s banker of over two decades, fired his lawyers and caused around $4.6 million to be transferred from Lee’s account without his permission. Olivarez also allegedly created a merchandising company which was purported as a charity in order to appropriate funds from Lee. The most despicable act of all, however, has yet to be mentioned and is stated below:

“Furthermore, in a diabolical and ghoulish scheme to make a profit from a distraught and grieving Lee, Olivarez had a nurse inject Lee with a syringe and extract many containers of blood….Lee never approved of the use of his blood as a merchandising item, or for any other use. Naturally, this compounded Lee’s grief and angst and caused him tremendous emotional distress…”

The suit, which accuses Olivarez of fraud and financial abuse of an elder, among other things, is set to continue in Los Angeles. The exact amount the suit is claiming for the damages has not been released at this time. Olivarez has also neglected to comment about the charges at the time of writing this story.

Source: TheWrap

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