Stan Lee Thinks That Lobo Should Be A Marvel Character

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During Stan Lee’s final appearance at this summer’s Fan Expo Canada, Lee surprisingly sang praises about one of his competitors characters, Lobo. The Marvel legend had no part at all in the creation of Lobo, but apparently loves the vile essence of the character. Lobo is DC’s ‘mature’ mercenary that was first created by Roger Slifer and Keith Griffen back in 1983. He started as a villain, but eventually gained an ‘anti-hero’ status.

Check out what Stan Lee had to say about Lobo during the Fan Expo Q&A panel:

“Did you ever see Lobo? I thought he was a character that should be a Marvel character, ’cause he was the worst human being on Earth, and he was so evil and vile and strong and ugly, and I loved him!”

He’s right about one thing – Lobo is vile. Although Lobo isn’t exactly a human being (he is an alien from the planet Czarnia), he is all of those other words Lee used to describe him. Lee added:

“I loved him! But he belonged to DC. But they never knew what to do with him.”

Of course Lee is going to be critical against the competition, but to be fair DC has done pretty well with the character. It took some time, but Lobo eventually caught on.

At the end of the same Q&A panel, Lee took one last jab at DC. When a fan asked what DC could do to make a film that would be a critical success, Lee replied:

“Let me write it.”

Lee is certainly one cheeky old man. He knows the competition is all in good fun, and as long as Stan Lee is around, the rivalry will continue to exist.

Would you have liked to see Lobo as a Marvel character? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: ComicBookResources

Josh Behr

Josh Behr

Jack of some trades, master of some others. That saying never really made a lot of sense to me.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Lobo is a poor man’s Wolverine minus the nuance.

  • flavortang

    It’s pretty ironic that characters like Lobo and Deadpool were created and written to be satires of other characters like Deathstroke, Wolverine and The Punisher, but ended up being just as popular or more in their own right.

    • Chris Schroeder

      The Punisher is just based off of the Executioner and grew to be more well known

  • Carl

    I like Lobo. He should be played by Dwayne Johnson.

    • SAMURAI36
      • Axxell

        So now that the DCCU has been a clusterfück, I guess the only thing for you to do on a site about comic book MOVIES is to bring up comic book reviews for no reason whatsoever…

      • Carl

        Sounds like the guy writing that clearly hates crossovers and is biased against them. Thanks for the irrelevant article.

        • SAMURAI36

          Except the crossovers are unanimously TERRIBLE. People aren’t even reading them. Most people have figured out that they are simply conspicuous attempts at money grabs. That was the point of the article.

          • Axxell

            Did you get tired of trying to justify the fail of the DCCU? That must be why you blocked me…LOL!

          • Carl

            And DC is the best at awful crossovers. Future’s End and Convergence… lol

            At least people like the Secret War and Civil War 2 events. AXIS was lame though.

          • SAMURAI36

            Yeah e, that’s why I keep telling you to read the comment sections of those articles, but you keep running from them. 100’s of people saying that CW2 sucks. There’s no point to the story. The plot is ambivalent.

            And then there’s the articles (which you refused to read), where the retailers around the country say that their customers are dropping the event from their subscription.

            And BTW, I love how you wanna read the Comichron charts only when you think it suits you.

            Convergence was on the top 5.
            And FE stayed consistently in the top 25, so there’s that. Not to mention, they had the weekly Batman Eternal event, which blew all of Marvel’s events right out of the water each month.
            Oh, & how is it, that HARLEY QUINN has been beating the Avengers in sales for the past 3 years?

          • Carl

            You are arguing a different point though. All I’m saying is that both Marvel and DC have their good and bad. As well, they are both doing fine.

            As far as I can tell, people like Civil War 2 but it isn’t anything ground breaking.

          • SAMURAI36

            This is the exact same point I’ve been making, ever since I first started doing this months ago. You’re just now realizing it, because you’ve been trying to run from it all this time.

            Find me a single site with positive reader views of CW2. You won’t be able to do it. What I’ve read from readers this far, aggregates to anywhere between “irrelevant”, to “a pointless money grab”, to “having an ambivalent plot”.

            I shudder to ask if you are enjoying it yourself. Pretty sure you’re going to tell me that you are.

            Also, the problem with the sales charts, is that it only tells part of the story. Marvel’s books stay at the top of the charts a lot, because they are “forcing” retailers to order more of their books. The charts don’t reflect the number of copies sold to readers, but rather the number of copies ordered by the retailer. It’s the same as record sales. But that doesn’t mean the numbers are completely useless.

            Especially when Marvel convinced retailers to order a third of a million copies of Rocket Raccoon #1,


            which made the book look great on the charts, & Marvel bragged disingenuously about “RR is insanely popular”, but then come issue #2, it dropped meteorically down to about 56K sold,


            & continued to drop exponentially to #70 on the charts until it was cancelled after 10 issues.


            But the character wasn’t really popular. He NEVER was. They tried to force him into popularity, & cash in on his presence in the GOTG movie at the time, which came as quickly as it went. Nobody cares about RR. He was flavor of the week.

            It’s the EXACT same thing they are doing with Ms. Marvel, over in that Joe Q. article. She was never popular either. In fact, her book was on the verge of being cancelled at one point.


            But Joe Q. claims she was soooo popular. Popular characters are the ones that sell consistently well. These are your Wolverines, Your Spideys, your Batman, your Harleys, your Superman, etc. They definitely don’t get canceled.

            It’s the same thing that Marvel did with Deadpool back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, where they took this Deathstroke rip-off & started forcing him into every Marvel book, to the point that be became the Marvel mascot by default.

            It’s not like Harley, who was insanely popular prior to SS, & her book sales more than prove it. In fact, I’d wager to say that DC put her in SS because of her popularity, not vice versa. You do realize that she was never an original member of the SS, yes?

            But this is the issue that I keep talking about, that you keep trying to ignore. Marvel’s success isn’t always honest. In fact, most of the time, it’s not. It’s not just that you’re successful, it’s also HOW you got successful, that matters.

            And Marvel’s dirty tricks have come back to bite them several times in the past, to the point where they bankrupted themselves. And it looks like they haven’t leaned anything from their mistakes, as they continue to make those same ones all over again.

            But Zombies like you are content to overlook that, by saying “they’re doing fine”, while people like me, whom you label as just a “Marvel hater (so be it)” refuses to give them any of my money. Especially when many of Marvel’s upper echelon are giving their (YOUR) money to Trump.

          • Carl

            The exact point you are trying to make is false. Marvel Comics are doing fine. I like Civil War 2, just reading the core issues. I don’t care about biased comment board fans. Not sure what dirty tricks you are talking about, sounds like conspiracy theories. I’m sure DC uses similar tactics. It’s a business after all.

            Look at you keep perpetrating that silly lie about Marvel money going to Trump. It’s one guy using his personal money. If you or I give our money to Hillary Clinton does that mean out employers and all their customers are also giving her money? lol

          • SAMURAI36

            The exact point you are trying to make is false. Marvel Comics are doing fine. I like Civil War 2, just reading the core issues.

            See, this is why you get called names here, & don’t get taken seriously on THS board. You start using terms like “conspiracy theories”, & call other people biased, as if you are some sort of font of objectivity. Yet, I’ve given you a couple of dozen different links for the past few months, wherein you actually accused me of masquerading s every single person on that comment board, which consisted of HUNDREDS of different users (but that’s not a conspiracy???).
            I guess I’m posing as the different retailers too?
            You seem to be wrapped up in this pseudocentrist POV, where if you like something, it must be good. If I have to tell you that that’s NOT how the world works, then something is obviously wrong with you.

            I don’t care about biased comment board fans. Not sure what dirty tricks you are talking about, sounds like conspiracy theories.

            I’ve explained it NUMEROUS TIMES here. You CLAIM you don’t know, because you refuse to read it. Not to mention, the retailers in the various links I have provided over the months go into detail these dirty tricks that Marvel uses. I guess they are “biased comment board fans” too?
            The fact that you can’t even consider Marvel’s flaws, blatantly demonstrates your cognitive dissonance & bias. And here’s a further example:

            I’m sure DC uses similar tactics. It’s a business after all.

            So wait…. Is it a conspiracy theory, or are both companies doing it? Which is it?
            But never mind that; we both know you don’t have an answer. Instead, what I would like or you to do, is PROVE IT. You said “you’re sure DC does this”, so it should be well beyond easy for you to give me ONE EXAMPLE of them doing the same tactics that Marvel does.
            I just meed one link. Prove it, or you’re a liar.

            Look at you keep perpetrating that silly lie about Marvel money going to Trump. It’s one guy using his personal money. If you or I give our money to Hillary Clinton does that mean out employers and all their customers are also giving her money? lol

          • Carl

            I’m far more objective than you, a person who admits to blind love of DC and biased hate of Marvel. Nothing you say holds any weight.

            Marvel and DC are both great. Both are doing very well in Comics, TV and Movies. (not critically for DC though)

            Good day, sir!

          • SAMURAI36

            LOL, you’re “objective”. Is that why you can’t even present any facts on the subject?

            And constantly spouting this Manchurian Candidate-esque mantra isn’t an example of objectivity.

            But that’s okay, because the numbers are coming soon.

          • SAMURAI36

            Come to think of it, it’s the same thing they are doing with the Champions right now.
            Nobody cares about Gungam style baby Hulk, or Tyke-Clops. I sent you a link a couple of weeks back, where even Marvel readers were lampooning this, & the fact that Marvel is going to employ their usual tricks with retailers, of the 100:1 variant gimmick to squeeze sales from this terd.

            And to double down on this failed tactic, they even stuck Deadpool in there for good measure.
            It’s no different from Jane Thor, who nobody cares about. Or this new Iron Girl nonsense. Where was your cries against “SJW” for that? Or is it because you’re a Marvel Zombie, that you turned a blind eye to it? They couldn’t get Rhodey to be popular when he took over as IM, but do you honestly think that this girl will take off in popularity?

      • Carl

        Here you go Mr. Comic Book Sales guy. Look on the left side bar. DC has made up ground in July but barely beat Marvel in dollars, while Marvel was dominant for June and May.

        May 2016 – Total Market Share: Marvel – 44.80%, DC – 26.34%
        May 2016 – Total Dollars Share: Marvel – 39.64%, DC – 26.45%

        June 2016 – Total Market Share: Marvel – 44.17%, DC – 31.69%
        June 2016 – Total Dollars Share: Marvel – 40.08%, DC – 29.93%

        July 2016 – Total Market Share: Marvel – 35.69%, DC – 40.96%
        July 2016 – Total Dollars Share: Marvel – 34.20%, DC – 35.36%

        • SAMURAI36

          That was July, before Rebirth. Now DC is wiping the floor with Marvel. And August hasn’t even come out yet, & the numbers are gonna bee even worse.
          And they are doing that, while only releasing ⅓ of the output that Marvel is putting out.
          Also, they didn’t “just barely” beat them in July, they dominated them with the same quotient that you claim Marvel dominated DC in prior months.
          But that’s okay, cuz Aug’s numbers are coming, & I’m looking forward to watching perform all sorts of acrobatics on that day. Either that, or watch you run altogether.

          • Carl

            There is that comprehension problem again.

            DC’s best month there was July where they had a 5.27% larger market share but only a 1.16% dollars share lead. In June Marvel had a 12.48% market share lead and a 10.15% dollars share lead.

            Yes July was just barely and no the quotient isn’t even close in the prior months.

            Can’t wait for those August numbers that look very much like the July ones.

          • Steve Steve

            DC had All Star Batman 1 nd Harley Quinn 1 in August. HQR will be the top selling book of 2016 and doubles the top selling book of 2015.

            August is DC Comics month for sure. We’ll see how Rebirth continues though…


    Wow, just the fact that he doesn’t know the character’s background story, shows that Stan Lee doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. I swear, this guy is like the Donald Trump of the comic book world.
    Plus, Stan Lee hasn’t written a comic book in decades. GTFOH.

    • Steve Steve

      The fact that a 93 year old man poking good-natured fun at his rivals from 50 years ago causes you such consternation should be embarrassing.

      How does your thin skin hold all of that blue blood?

  • Mentally Destroyed

    ha ha ha….very very funny