‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Gains Record Sign-Ups For CBS All Access


Yesterday’s premiere of Star Trek: Discovery has been a pretty big success for its subscription-based streaming service network CBS All Access, a network choice that didn’t seem too positive for fans and critics.

The number of single-day sign-ups for the service was the highest recorded for the studio, though no official numbers were reported, and broke the previous record set for the GRAMMYs telecast in February.

The month of September alone has been the best ever for CBS All Access, thanks to Star Trek: Discovery, the fall kick-off of NFL, and the season finale of Big Brother.

Before the series premiered, fans were hesitant about Star Trek: Discovery airing on CBS All Access, seeing the network choice as a marketing push for the streaming service and not something beneficial to the fanbase. The numbers that CBS boasts now say otherwise, and could signal that the new Trek series is being looked at by more than die-hard fans, something that is needed for the franchise’s future.

Star Trek: Discovery stars Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Shazad Latif, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, with Jason Isaacs, and Michelle Yeoh and Rainn Wilson in guest roles. The first two episodes are already available on CBS All Access, with following episodes airing Sundays, 8:30pm ET.

Source: Deadline

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  • Docteur Lobo

    Then again, the episode aired on CBS was really just the first half of the pilot, so if you wanted the entire thing, you had to subscribe. Or illegally stream/download.

  • Was it really such a rip roaring success before now that a one day “record” means anything?