‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Showrunner Talks Place In Canon

Star Trek: Discovery takes place in the “prime timeline” in Star Trek canon, but some fans are concerned that the new plot elements introduced in this show might not match up to the rest of the preexisting lore.

Showrunner Alex Harberts tried to assuage fears, noting in an interview with Trek Movie that there is no plan for any retcons for the series. He talked about the desire to make sure everything from this series leads right into the other series’:

“In term of canon, we want to make sure that all of that stuff tracks. So whatever you pull up in Picard’s computer needs to be correct by the time we end our run.”

With so much emphasis being placed on canon in today’s media world, it is a good thing that the creators of this new science fiction entry want to ensure it’s placed in the overarching saga is accurate to what the fans expect to see.

Another element of this show’s place in canon concerns the character of Spock’s adopted sister. Since she has never been mentioned in any of the series before, fans are wondering how the creators intend to skate around that important detail. Harberts explains:

“So far we know we have never heard about her. We have never heard Spock and Sarek speak about her. So it is our job to make sure that what we have seen, still holds water.”

So either way, it appears there is a large emphasis on making sure all the new pieces of their show fit into the guidelines set by previous entries in the Star Trek saga.

Star Trek: Discovery stars Sonequa Martin-Green as Commander Michael Burnham, Doug Jones as Lieutenant Saru, Jason Isaacs as Captain Gabriel Lorca, Anthony Rapp as Lieutenant Stamets, Shazad Latif as Lieutenant Tyler, Maulik Pancholy as Dr. Nambue, Sam Vartholomeos as Ensign Connor, Mary Wiseman as Cadet Tilly, Rekha Sharma as Commander Landry, Wilson Cruz as Dr. Hugh Culber, Terry Serpico as Admiral Anderson, Clare McConnell as Dennas, Kenneth Mitchell as Kol, Mary Chieffo as L’Rell, Damon Runyan as Ujilli, Chris Obi as T’Kuvma, James Frain as Sarek, Michelle Yeoh as Captain Georgiou, and Rainn Wilson as Harry Mudd.

The first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery are available now on CBS All Access. New episodes will be released every Sunday night at 8:30 pm ET/PT.

 Source: Trek Movie

6 Times The Justice League Came Up Short

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Over the years, the League has faced all kinds of threats, ranging from a grief-stricken Black Adam on a rampage to an invasion of White Martians. Usually the Justice Leauge is able to overcome these threats, but sometimes they don’t have what it takes to stop evil. Of course, these are comic books and things usually shift back towards the light side in time, but that doesn’t mean darkness can’t win, at least temporarily.

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