7 ‘Star Wars’ Anthology Movies We Should See Next

#7 The Old Republic


Arguably the best thing to happen to Star Wars once the prequels were underway, Knights of the Old Republic was launched by BioWare in an insane (and successful) attempt to tell new stories that were just as interesting as the Skywalker saga, if not more so.

The first game was a fascinating retread in some ways, but also incredibly epic in how it introduced a world filled with warring Jedi and Sith, along with the equally fun space battles and blaster-toting characters.

An “Old Republic” movie shouldn’t, in my opinion, graft completely from the games and MMO, but rather be a slew of new and interesting stories totally removed from the current events of the galaxy far, far, away. After all, setting a movie with new characters after the current trilogy led by Force Awakens is a bit awkward considering the stakes of that movie, and anything just before the prequels would also be in servitude of a galaxy we’ve already seen a lot of on the big screen.

In addition to spin-offs set in and around the main trilogies, it would be exciting to go into a Star Wars movie having no idea what’s going to happen or what has happened yet, similar to how New Hope dropped viewers into a galaxy that feels huge. The details are the details, but anything even close to the scale and scope of possibilities in Knights of the Old Republic is more than welcome.

Jon Negroni

Jon Negroni

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  • Darthmanwe

    Revan or go home, Revan or go home, Revan or go home.

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Taalat

    How have “character prequels” already been proven to be far less interesting? They haven’t even released one yet, so that statement makes no sense.

  • Chris W

    Exar Kun, and then KotoR.

  • Swarley133

    The Great Scourge of Malachor.

    I’d be down for anything that went into the Old Republic or the golden age of the Sith pre-Rule of Two.

  • Chris Simonato

    Darth Plagus would be a good idea

    • Joseph Chaisson

      I would like to see an in depth movie based around order 66. Maybe showing Bader tracking down and really owning the Jedi.

  • Bruh, I’ll go see a Kyle Katarn movie 5 times. I love that guy!

  • Also a WAR movie about the 501st would be AMAZING. Kinda like a Fury type of movie. God damn…

  • Joseph Chaisson

    All I really want is an Obi-Wan movie.