‘Star Wars’: 5 Theories For ‘Episode IX’

 Time Jump

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The Last Jedi was the first Star Wars movie, excluding the anthology movies, to not have a major time jump. In between most movies at least a year up to 33 have taken effect. Meanwhile, The Last Jedi picks up about a few days after the events of The Force Awakens. The best thing about time jumps is that you can pick up with characters in totally different situations, but since this film did not have that luxury, it did not leave much breathing room.

There was a lot of going on during The Last Jedi. By the end, the slate was pretty much set clean for the new generation. It would be wise for the next film to pick up some time after the events of this film. There is a satisfaction on reading the opening crawl and finding out the set up for the film.

  • Darthmanwe

    The only theory you need people:

    Your theories dont matter at all.

    Dont believe me?

    Well, Rian Johnson certainly thought like me.

  • RyanEverett

    How did The Last Jedi take place a few days after The Force Awakens? It literally started the moment after TFA ended. Both movies span the course of a week at best. TLJ literally was 2 days.

    • Matt

      Considering they missed the point of the movie by coming up with Theories, I wouldn’t expect them to get this fact right.

  • Matias Gagliardone

    For me the biggest problem was the lack of a time jump

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