These ‘Star Wars’ Prequel Trilogy Posters Are Better Than The Movies

Star Wars

The Star Wars Prequels seem to be almost universally despised by the generation that grew up with the original trilogy, but for a younger generation of fans, those films might be the trilogy that they relate to more, just as kids today will someday reflect fondly on the sequel trilogy that kicked off in 2015 with The Force Awakens. I myself actually fall somewhere in the middle of all of this in that, while I wouldn’t dare say the prequels are good movies, I would argue that there are a few things to love in each film (yes, even Attack of the Clones). However, no matter which camp you fall into, one thing is an almost universal truth about Star Wars fans across the board… we love to spend our money on the franchise we love.

And today brings with it just such a money spending opportunity, as io9 has exclusively debuted a new series of posters from artist Eric Tan, each of which showcases the prequels in the best of all possible lights.

Star Wars

Star Wars

Star Wars

All three posters — The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith — are sold by Bottleneck Gallery, and they go on sale tomorrow, January 19th, at 12pm EST. Each beautiful print measures in at 12(w) x 36(h) inches. You can get each individual poster for $50, or go all in on the set for $140, but act fast because they are limited edition, with only 250 available.

Here’s what the artist, Tan — who works for Disney and designs such products as the box art for Rogue One toys — had to say to io9 about his work: “I wasn’t a fan of those films’ stories but I did appreciate the production design within them. With the prequels prints, I was able to add all the characters and vehicles that I felt were well-designed and could make for striking imagery.”

One really interesting aspect of these posters is the inclusion of not only key story points that occur on the various planets in the Star Wars universe, but also the battles going on in space: “I figured if the characters were small enough on the ground plane, I could stretch the composition upward and add the space battles as well,” Tan told io9.

Tan has also designed prints for the original trilogy, which were sold exclusively by Disney, were much more expensive and were sold in a much more limited quantity, so they sold out pretty quickly. He also has plans to do the sequel trilogy someday. “I would love to [do the sequel trilogy too],” Tan added. “I couldn’t help but come up with ideas for the sequels that could fit in the set format of the previous ones. I just haven’t been given the green light to create them yet.”

If these beautiful posters prints catch your eye, then remember to head over to Bottleneck Gallery tomorrow (1/19) at noon and pick up one, or all three of them, and May the Force be with you.

Source: io9

Jeff Grantz

Jeff Grantz

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