‘Star Wars Rebels’: Thrawn Reveals His Ruthlessness In Clip For Episode 3.10 ‘An Inside Man’


With the third season of Star Wars Rebels coming to an end, a new clip has been released from the penultimate episode before the mid-season finale. The clip features Grand Admiral Thrawn as he demonstrates the full extent of his ruthlessness.

The footage features Grand Admiral Thrawn ordering a farmer, who is forced to work for the Empire, to demonstrate how fast the last vehicle the farmer worked on can reach full-speed. As the farmer demonstrates the vehicles speed capabilities, it begins to overheat, prompting the farmer to end the demonstration. However, Grand Admiral Thrawn insists the farmer continue while Ezra and Kanan are forced to watch helplessly.

You can watch the clip below!

An official description of the episode titled “An Inside Man” reads as follows:

Looking for information on a new Imperial weapon, Ezra and Kanan break into an Imperial factory on Lothal. However, they have to trust an enemy to escape from a building that is about to be locked down.

With only one episode remaining after episode 3.10, fans can probably expect some exciting new developments on the series. Are you excited for the final two episodes of the third seasons first half? Share your thoughts below!

Star Wars Rebels airs on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. ET on Disney XD.

Source: Youtube

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