‘Star Wars’: Lucasfilm Confirms Mysterious Rey & Kylo Ren Connection

The update to both Rey and Kylo's Star Wars website entries calls attention to a strange and mysterious connection between the two.

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At the beginning of the second act in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, audiences were left gasping when it was revealed that Kylo Ren was the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia. The film, as well as the new canon novel Star Wars: Bloodline gave us plenty to chew on in terms of the estranged relationship between Kylo aka Ben Solo and his parents. We know that Kylo was sent off to train with his Uncle, Luke Skywalker, while Leia was occupied with her career in the Senate and Han was off managing a galactic racing team. But the past and lineage of the film’s protagonist, Rey, has been left shrouded in mystery.

It seems the more answers we get regarding Rey, the more questions we end up having. While many fans have already speculated that there was a connection between Rey and Kylo due to the clues dropped in both the film as well as the novelization of the film (which is canon), a connection between the two force users has now been confirmed thanks to a recent update in Star Wars Databank on Starwars.com.

The update to both Rey and Kylo’s entry calls attention to a strange and mysterious connection between the two. But what could that connection be? Since we don’t actually have the answer, all we can do is put the puzzle pieces together and speculate.

When Kylo Ren is told that FN-2187 escaped Jakku aboard the Millenium Falcon with a girl, he immediately says “What girl?”. While Kylo didn’t recognize Rey when he captured her on Takodana, there is a curious moment in the climax of the novelization when he does seem to recognize her from somewhere. When Rey calls the Skywalker lightsaber to her, Kylo says “It is you.” The line itself is absent from the film but the expression Kylo gives after she catches the hilt seems to be split between astonishment and recognition.

Something else important to take note of is Rey’s force vision — or forceback as it has been dubbed. When Rey witnessed the annihilation of Luke’s New Jedi Order, Kylo seems to look right at her in the rain just after he thrusts his saber through the back and out the chest of the Inquisitor looking Knight of Ren who was about to deliver a killing strike in Rey’s direction. Kylo then starts to move towards her.

Why exactly would Kylo kill a Knight of Ren in that moment? Could Rey have been there? Could she have appeared to Kylo through the force? Or could Kylo have previously had a vision when he foresaw his destruction of the New Jedi Order with Rey watching over? When Kylo asks Darth Vader to show him the power of the dark side again, it’s possible he could have been asking for the power of the force that resides in Vader’s helmet to grant him another vision.

Kylo also steps out from behind the tree in front of Rey on Starkiller base just moments later in the forceback. But until Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters in December we won’t have the answers.

So what do you guys think? Could Kylo have seen Rey in a force vision already? Could she have been a student at Luke’s Jedi Academy that Kylo chose to save rather than destroy? Sound off in the comments below.

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Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff

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