Lucasfilm To Donate ‘Star Wars’ VR Headsets To Hospitals

Star Wars

How’s this for your feel good story of the week?

Lucasfilm and Disney are partnering with Starlight Virtual Reality, a new VR company that is set to launch later this year, for a really great cause. Lucasfilm’s charity organization Star Wars: Force For Change is sponsoring a program that will donate 270 VR headsets featuring Star Wars content to hospitals across the country. The program will also set up visits from celebrities (like Mark Hamill, who visited the Florida Hospital For Children yesterday) and provide Starlight Brave Gowns, high-quality Star Wars-themed hospital gowns, for the children.

Speaking to THR, Starlight Children’s Foundation CEO Chris Helfrich stated the following:

“We’re excited to announce the launch of Starlight VR, which we believe will be a game-changer in the pediatric health care space. We’re excited to have Lucasfilm and Disney, Google and Niagara Cares alongside us as we harness the power of virtual reality to bring more smiles to hospitalized kids when and where they need it most.”

Fans attending Star Wars Celebration Orlando this weekend will get a chance to check out Meet BB-8, just one example of the types of VR experiences the children will be able to enjoy thanks to this program.

In addition, a new Force for Change fundraising campaign was also announced earlier this week by Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley. Donors will get chance to win some great prizes such as getting to go to The Last Jedi premiere, a trip to Skywalker Ranch, and even a possible walk-on role in the young Han Solo film.

Here’s the charity’s mission statement, via the official Star Wars: Force For Change website:

With new Star Wars stories on the horizon, Star Wars: Force for Change aims to support the immense passion and goodwill of our fans and promote change through inspiration, stories and meaningful partnerships.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15, 2017.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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