10 Stephen King Adaptations Hollywood Needs To Get Right

doctor sleep

10. Doctor Sleep

This Shining sequel, published in 2013, focuses on an adult Danny Torrance, who is working at a nursing home when his psychic abilities resurface due to a connection to a young girl named Abra Stone. The Tracking Board reported last year that Akiva Goldsman was tasked with writing the script for the proposed film version. Goldsman is also a producer on The Dark Tower and wrote an early draft of that script back when Ron Howard was going to direct.

The whole “young female ward” bit is really in vogue (more on it ahead) and Hollywood loves itself a brand name. There’s also been talk over the years of a Shining prequel titled the Overlook Hotel, which drew the eye of director Mark Romanek at one point. So, make no mistake, The Shining remains a potential franchise play for some.

Sam Flynn

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