Former ‘Daredevil’ Showrunner Steven S. DeKnight Signs Netflix Deal

Steven S DeKnight Marvel Daredevil NetflixWhen you think of the golden standard of Netflix exclusives, one of the chief shows that comes to mind is Marvel’s Daredevil series, in particular its first season. Well there is good news on the horizon for the future of these exclusive shows, as Steven S. DeKnight has signed a new contract with Netflix.

Steven S. DeKnight’s resume speaks for itself, having worked on projects like Joss Whedon’s renouned Buffy The Vampire Slayer series to creating, writing, directing and producing the Starz exclusive series Spartacus. DeKnight has shown his caliber from a creative standpoint time and again. Most recently, Deknight wrote and directed the sequel to Pacific RimPacific Rim Uprising.

Cindy Holland, VP of Netflix’s Original Content Division had this to say on welcoming DeKnight.

Steven S. DeKnight is a multifaceted writer, director, producer and showrunner whose daring visions have gripped audiences for years, From Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which became a global cult sensation, to his historical gladiator epic Spartacus, and his unforgettable work on season one of Marvel’s Daredevil, Steven’s bold, visceral storytelling has left its mark. We look forward to teaming with him on future original series and other projects for our members around the world.

Netflix aren’t the only ones excited for this deal, as DeKnight himself is very enthusiastic on returning to work with the company.

Collaborating with Netflix on the first season of Daredevil was one of the most satisfying creative endeavors of my career. The level of trust they place in their creatives is matched only by their unflagging support and enthusiasm for storytelling. I couldn’t ask for a better home for myself or DeKnight Productions.

With both DeKnight and Netflix’s enthusiasm, the potential future of Netflix exclusives is a promising one. It is unclear as to what projects DeKnight will be handling, but with his success on Daredevil, one might think that Netflix has chosen him to handle Mark Millar’s comic book properties with their recent aquistion of all Millarworld rights.

DeKnight most recently directed Pacific Rim: Uprising. The movie stars John Boyega (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), Scott Eastwood (Suicide Squad) and Rinko Kikuchi (Pacific Rim) and while you may have missed your chance to see it in theaters, you can check it out at home now as it is available on Blu-ray and DVD as well as digital formats.

Source: Deadline

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