‘The Strain’ Recap: S3E3 ‘First Born’


Last week on The Strain, Quinlan and Eph put in motion a plan for rescue and revenge. Eph had received an ultimatum, give the ancient book, “The Occido Lumen” to The Master in exchange for his son’s life. Eph wrestled with the dilemma of giving The Master the one thing that might actually hurt him, the one thing he’s afraid of in exchange for the safety of his son or let humanity fall. Ultimately, the love of a parent prevailed as The Master hoped it would, and he was ready to sell his soul in order to get his son back. Quinlan knew this would happen and in fact, helped Eph steal the book with the hope of finally getting revenge on The Master. So did their plan work?

The episode spent much of its time focused on the two of them as they put their plan in motion. Eph and Quinlan got a chance to do a little bit of bonding and as a result, we learned a great deal about Quinlan’s backstory and why he both hates The Master and why he wants to kill him. We get to see a series of flashbacks centering on Quinlan, his adoptive mother, and his thousand plus year quest for revenge against The Master. The episode is adequately named “First Born” as we learn that The Master is, in fact, Quinlan’s “father.” Turns out The Master fed on his mother before realizing that she was pregnant. The baby resulted as being half vampire/half human, having the strengths of both races.

Speaking of Ephs son, Zach has been strengthened by The Master giving him some of “the white” and no longer has an asthma problem. Although he watched his mother feed on a child no older than he was, and he saw his mother tempted to feed on him, he still doesn’t seem to have a problem having a heart to heart chat with his mother. She tells him (and we learn through a brief flashback at the beginning of the episode) that he’s a caul baby, meaning he was born still inside the amniotic sac from his mother’s womb. His mother tells him that as a result she and he have a deep bond and he’s destined for greatness. She tells him more about The Master and his plans for Zach, which include keeping him alive and human, so Zach’s safe for now.

We are also treated to Setrakian and Fet going on a road trip after the two of them as they think it was Quinlan only who stole the ancient book. Fet had never truly trusted Quinlan because in Fet’s eyes, he may be half human/half vampire, but he’s still a vampire and Fet didn’t trust him all the way. As the two of them chased after them.

Meanwhile, we get to check in on Gus, who still is holding his vampire mother in their apartment. Gus can’t let go that his mother is no longer his mother and proceeds to drain himself of blood and place it in a doggy bowl to feed his mother. As Gus continues to do this, the weaker he becomes. Although he has his mother enchained in a strait jacket and places what appears to be a hockey mask on her so that her stinger doesn’t get to him, he’s still in danger of her. Lucky for him, his buddy Angel comes and at least tries to talk some sense to him exclaiming that she is no longer his mother. As the police do neighborhood sweeps for vampires, the two help his mother escape, not before they are arrested and she becomes free. $1,000 bucks say that he will meet up with his mother within a few episodes and will either have to finally kill her, or he will hesitate and she will kill him. After Angel and Gus are arrested, they learn that in this new world the police don’t have time to arrest and put people in jail, they simply deputize them as vampire hunters as well. So it looks like they will continue their role as vampire hunters, only now they are doing it with the help of the NYPD.

Finally, there is the trade of Zach for The Occido Lumen and the battle that commences afterward towards the end of the episode. Not only did we have our “Walking Dead prisoner exchange,” but we also had a surprising conclusion for the end of the battle, which we will get to.

Here are the top moments from the episode:


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