‘Power Rangers’ Star Dacre Montgomery Talks Dancing Naked For ‘Stranger…

With Power Rangers hitting theaters in just two days, Dacre Montgomery, who plays the Red Ranger, is already looking ahead. Montgomery was cast in season two of Stranger Things, and spoke about how big a fan of the show he was, as well as his crazy audition tape to The Hollywood Reporter.

I was talking so much about this show. I literally loved it, left it, moved on. My parents got into it, and my parents never take my advice on what shows to watch. They’re always off watching Danish crime shows, which are also fantastic, but they kind of stick to that realm. And they watched it, and my grandparents watched it. Four months passed and then I got an email from my manager who [said], “There’s two season regulars joining Stranger Things, one of them is this 18-year-old bad boy.” I lost my shit, I was like, “I have to nail this.” I spent a day working on it and got two of my friends who were still at the acting university I went to help me that night put down a tape. I was so nervous [about] it and wanted it so badly I made like a short film. I had an opening score, opening titles and credits. And I got in like a G-string and danced naked to ’80s music with this leather jacket and crazy glasses. That night, Thursday night, I sent it off. I said to my team at 3 Arts and WME, I was like, “Dudes, this is crazy, literally the industry is going be like who the hell is this guy, or they’re going to love it. Hopefully the Duffers can handle this.” I didn’t sleep Thursday night, and I got the call Friday morning saying the Duffers want to Skype you on Sunday morning and they want to fly you to L.A. next week for the test deal. I was like, “Holy shit!” I Skyped the Duffers Sunday morning and we got a call Monday morning the test deal is off the plate, it’s an offer.

Glad to hear the Duffer Brothers were okay with his practically naked G-string dance, as it certainly sounds insane. Hopefully his character in season two becomes a new favorite, just like the kids from season one. Montgomery went on to talk about how he plays more of the antagonist in Stranger Things season two, as opposed to the protagonist in Power Rangers. As another villain, season two of Stranger Things is shaping up to be really interesting; especially after seeing that giant monster in the teaser trailer.

Stranger Things season two drops on Netflix on October 31st, 2017.

Source: THR

‘Stranger Things’: Everything We Know About Season 2 So Far

If you’re anticipating Stranger Things 2 as much as we and you want to know everything you can about the next season then you’ve come to the right place. An official synopsis for the second season of Stranger Things hasn’t been released, however, pieces of information have trickled out from the production since it was officially renewed for a second season by Netflix. We know a good bit about what the characters from season one will be going through when we pick back up with them and we know who the new characters are and how they will factor into the world established in season one.

First, we’ll recap everything that has been officially confirmed by Netflix and the producers. Then we can put it all together using the new teaser to form our best prediction as to what will be at stake when the series returns this fall.

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