The 10 Strongest Members Of The Avengers, Ranked

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The Avengers Marvel ComicsWithout a doubt, the Avengers are the mightiest team in the Marvel Universe. When villains hear Captain America yell “Avengers Assemble,” they know they need to get out of there ASAP. Jam-packed full of some of the strongest superheroes in comics, super villains need to think twice before messing with The Avengers. Over the years, the team’s various incarnations have saved the Earth from all kinds of destructive plots.

The powerful heroes on the Avengers are the only thing that stand between Earth and destruction on an almost constant basis. Without every one of the Avengers listed below, the Earth and all its inhabitants likely would have already met their death at the hands of a dastardly villain like Doctor Doom or the Skrulls.

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Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • jason(thehallospaceboy)

    This article is sooooo wrong! 1st its call strongest avengers NOT most powerful so strange and the witch should not be listed furthermore if it was most powerful theres is no mention of photon (formerly cap marvel 2) or genis vel or even blue marvel (kindan avenger) And especially ou missed starbrand among others(ex nihilo hercules starhawk etc) Starbrand and the sentry(and blue marvel if u onsider an avenger) are by far the most powerful if thats what uou intended this article to be a list of. Strongest would be hulk n entry. Btw crap list with obviouly little avengers history knowledge. Your welcome for doing your job 4 you. You also missed the silver surfer n adam warlock avengers in any storylines over the years if not official ones. Again your welcome

  • Nobody in particular

    Your article failed even at the opening paragraph. There’s too much doubt and facts that Avenger is NOT the mightiest team in Marvel Universe. Professor X can turn anyone except Vision into vegetables within seconds; Magneto can torture anyone whose blood contains iron (Fe); Blackbolt easily wipe them out with a whisper or a few normal spoke word (don’t imagine what his scream does). Further down the list were Omega Class Mutants who were immune to Scarlet Witch’s hex (some of those 198). Sorry to say, but the reason that Marvel can make a movie universe around Avengers because simply they are B rated team with B rated heroes. The A listers were already sold (X-Men and FF) even Spiderman.

    • Kenshin Himura

      The Avengers B rated? Look how “well” the movies performed at the box office of those “A list” teams like the Fantastic Four. LMAO!

      Yes, Professor X can cause troubles for all of the Avengers….just as all of them can just as easily snap the neck of a middle aged bald guy on a wheelchair. Thor singlehandedly beat Magneto already. The master of magnetism cried like a little baby and screamed like a little girl while running away.

      • Nobody in particular

        Clearly you don’t know history and story. Both in reality and in Marvel Universe.

        Just here to remind you that to snap the neck you have to reach the neck first. Hard to do that if you have an arms length range versus a telepathic range. And don’t forget cerebro…

        You just a teenager ranting on the internet. Go home. Wash your hands and feet. Go to bed.

        • Kenshin Himura

          Actually, you’re the one who doesn’t know the history of the Marvel Universe. Since its inception, The Avengers has been the premier team in the Marvel Universe. The X-men was actually on the verge of cancellation when it was rebooted by Chris Claremont with Giant Size X-Men and it became a huge seller during the 80s and 90s. But that’s not the case now.

          When Stan Lee wrote the Avengers, he purposely wrote in the company’s heavy hitters and those with their own title. Thor and Hulk were huge sellers during the 60s.

          The Fanatstic Four was Marvel’s First Family, and they were quite popular in the old days, but they were never the “A listers” as you claim. Certainly not like the Avengers.

          As for my comment about Professor X…clearly you missed the point. You say that Prof X is more powerful because he can zap the Avengers with his mind. Ok, that’s how he can win. But think of all the other ways that any of the Avengers can kill Professor X. Iron Man can stay in orbit and track Prof X and just send a drone to blast him. Or Thor can stay in space while unleashing a planetary typhoon in Professor X’s direction until it kills him. Or from a distance, Hawkeye can just kill him with an arrow.

          Professor X has one powerful attack, and he can beat most characters if he was going for that attack right from the start. But he never does and it’s not in his nature to do so. Just as anyone of the Avengers can just as easily kill him if that is their intention.

          And how silly of you to bring up Professor X when the list is about the mightiest AVENGERS.

          • Nobody in particular

            Wow…. I touch a kid’s nerve…
            1. They were B class of popularity by the time Marvel decided to sell the rights to make movie of some characters/group. Movie makers/studio only interested in A list with bigger fanbase, assuming those easier to sell/accepted by fans.
            2. The mind needs to know, not see or pinpointing location. As for Stark’s tech, as good as they are, can never outshine Shi’ar tech.
            3. Simply to underline that the avengers is NOT the mightiest team in Marvel Universe. They can easily decimated by a cripple, far from popularity as B listers. The only good thing about them is their movie in MCU is selling good. Then again Marvel Universe is NOT MCU.

            Enough of your bedtime story explanation. Now sleep, little boy.

          • Kenshin Himura

            Ever hear of the “Dunning-Kruger Effect”? That is essentially you in a nutshell. LMAO!!!!

            1. It’s all about who is hot at the moment. The X-Men were popular during the Chris Claremont days, but that popularity has waned considerably since then. The Avengers were the A-List characters when they were created and that lasted until the 70s to early 80s. The X-Men did eclipse their popularity during the mid-80s up to late 90s or early 2000s…but that is no longer the case. As per the box office take between the Avengers movies and the X-Men films. Thor’s Ragnarok movie alone has grossed much more than all the X-Men films to date. What more the Avengers films? You cannot really claim now that the X-Men are the A-list characters and the Avengers the B-list. It’s absurd. Box office data do not support your delusion.

            2. It’s not Stark vs Sh’iar. It’s Stark vs a crippled middle aged bald guy. Charles Xavier will not be able to shut down anyone’s mind unless he is within the range of his powers. That’s why I said Stark, while in orbit, can easily kill Professor X with an attack drone. Besides, just because Charles Xavier has one powerful attack that can kill most Avengers, it doesn’t mean he is more powerful. Metallo can theoretically kill Superman with his kryptonite heart but it doesn’t mean he is more powerful. Metallo just has an advantage over Superman, that’s it. He can just kill Superman, it doesn’t mean he is more powerful. Just as Professor X has that mind thing…what else? Nothing else. Thor can travel the galaxy in minutes (he has done it), he can fight inside the sun (he fought Atum), he can cause planetary storms, he once made Galactus run away like a little girl, he has lifted the midgard serpent (whose length encompasses the entire Earth), he once held together an entire alien planet with just his bare hands….and so much more feats that dwarfs anything done by every X-Men in history, even Charles Xavier. Is Charles Xavier more powerful than Thor? Hahaha! Don’t be an idiot. Besides, Thor has withstood mid attacks before…so…he can certainly hold off Charles Xavier’s mind attack long enough for him to throw away his hammer…while Professor X cannot even deflect mjolnir, he only has telepathic powers (no telekinesis…how sad).

            3. You moron, the tag line for the Avengers is “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”. That’s Marvel telling the readers…”this is our mightiest heroes”.

  • Kenshin Himura

    This is wrong. The physically strongest is the Hulk. The overall most powerful is Thor.

    • jason(thehallospaceboy)

      Hull is definitely strongest if u know ir gamma energy science (in real life i mean) but thor is definitely not the most powerful sentry is by far moredo as are many others

  • shawn Michael

    Per usual every single outlet forgets about a newer character who is stronger than any marvel hero to date. That is Blue Marvel but we all know the reason why that is right..lets keep it 100. Same reason Miles Morales comic was cancelled, Falcon no longer holds the shield and Jane Foster will die as Thor…

  • Wenny

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  • ProjectBlue

    Interesting you just re-dated an old article with no changes. This place has become a click farm surprisingly fast.