‘Suicide Squad – Extended Cut’ Review: What’s New?

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First things first: the Extended Cut is not to Suicide Squad as the Ultimate Edition is to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Whereas the latter uses an extra half-hour to reshape and clarify its plot and characters to their original intent, the former merely embellishes what is already there. The Ultimate Edition is, by director Zack Snyder’s admission, his preferred cut of the film. David Ayer on the other hand professes that the theatrical cut of Squad, despite all the production drama and cut or altered scenes, is his.

The new footage in the Extended Cut revolves mostly around the Squad and their relationships, whether it is the Deadshot/Flag bro dynamic, the Joker/Harley toxic romance or Killer Croc with everyone. Much of it amounts to extra quips, gags, and character moments in between the bombast of the action scenes. More than anything, they feel like a taste of “what could have been” with this divisive film if it had been a more coherent, focused story.

Without further adieu, whether you’re a Squad lover or just a glutton for punishment, here’s a list of what’s new in the Extended Cut. Click Next to scroll through gallery.

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  • Carl

    It’s crap with a little extra side of crap added on. lol

    • Napi

      If Carl, the master of crap says so, it maybe true :O
      Talking about crap and sh¡t… what’s the deal with your Sega Saturn image? xDxD

  • Jason Scarpelli

    Nothing new on it since the scenes are available to watch on Youtube without wasting money on a useless bluray