‘Supergirl’ 2.17 ‘Distant Sun’ Review

Supergirl Distant Sun ReviewKevin Smith returns for his second time directing an episode of Supergirl this season. Tonight’s episode, “Distant Sun,” featured a whole lot of Daxamite family drama, beginning with a bounty placed on Kara’s head.

When an alien attacks National City, Supergirl springs into action and quickly takes down the wannabe with a faux laser eye; however, his destruction was not wanton and was motivated by money. After the takedown, the DEO discovers a hologram of the bounty that’s been placed on Supergirl’s head and Mon-El immediately confronts his parents about it. Of course, they deny any involvement (although we all know it’s not the case).

As the alien bounty hunter and the Daxamites’ arrival stirs things up, president Marsdin (Lynda Carter) hops on video conference with J’onn and orders him to tread carefully and avoid engaging the Daxamites for fear of starting an intergalactic incident.

That evening, as Kara, Winn, and James try to enjoy a game night, Mon-El walks in to reveal he questioned his parents about the bounty. As he’s explaining, a new bounty hunter shows up outside Kara’s apartment and uses his powers to mind control Mon-El, forcing him to fight Kara. Thanks to Winn’s quick thinking, the bounty hunter is stopped before Mon-El and Kara can inflict any lasting damage on one another.

At the DEO, the group questions the bounty hunter and, thanks to J’onn’s psychic abilities, they find out that it was in fact the Daxamites who set up the bounty in the first place. Even though Mon-El wants Kara to run away with him and escape all of the craziness, Kara convinces him to summon his mom for a chat at the Fortress of Solitude. Although neither Kara or Mon-El see it coming, Rhea lashes out at Kara with kryptonite sais and Mon-El steps in and promises to leave with her as long as she leaves Kara alone.

When Mon-El leaves with Rhea, Kara makes it back to the DEO and convinces J’onn to violate the president’s orders in order to save Mon-El from his parents’ clutches.

On the ship, Mon-El gets his mother to call off the bounty, which Lar clearly was unaware of. When Mon-El pleads with his father to take a different approach with Daxam and be a better rule, Rhea steps in and slaps Mon-El. She then sends him to the brig where he is to stay on their four-year journey back to Daxam.

Due to Winn being Winn, the DEO is able to fix up the gateway Kara and friends used to reach Slaver’s Moon and J’onn, disguised as Supergirl, hops through the portal to confront Rhea while Winn makes it to the cell to free Mon-El. But when things heat up, Kara jumps through the portal herself to take on Rhea while J’onn deals with Lar. After Mon-El shoots a hole in the ship, the battle is brought to a stand-still and Lar, seeing that his son truly feels he belongs on Earth, allows him and everyone else to leave.

Later on, at the DEO, president Marsdin has another video conference with J’onn and says there will be consequences due to the fact he violated her orders not to engage. After they hang up, we see Marsdin fully transform into her alien form.

Elsewhere, Maggie and Alex run into Maggie’s ex, Emily, while leaving yoga class. Not sensing the tension between the two, Alex prompts Maggie to invite Emily to dinner. When Emily doesn’t show, Maggie talks about her relationship with the woman, stating that things ended poorly and that she was hurt by what transpired.

Sticking up for Maggie, Alex goes solo and catches up with Emily outside her hotel. It’s then that Emily reveals that the breakup was due to the fact that Maggie cheated. When Alex later confronts Maggie about this revelation, Maggie admits to her “mistake.” Instead of being upset, Alex explains that she’s not in the relationship to judge Maggie; she’s in it to be with Maggie and help her heal. The two women share a powerful and loving moment as Alex embraces Maggie with all her imperfections. Afterwards, Alex convinces Maggie to patch things up with Emily and the meet goes well.

As things wrap up aboard the Daxamite ship, Rhea blames Lar for what happened with Mon-El and lashes out by stabbing him. Bye bye papa Daxam. It’s clear Rhea isn’t going anywhere for a while.

Now, there’s a lot to talk about so let’s go through the top highlights and important moments of “Distant Sun.” They’re broken up so you can tackle the portions you’re most interested in first or go through in order.

#5: The Bounty

#4: Return of Lynda Carter

#3: An Ex Stirs Things Up

#2: Daxamite Dealings

#1: Rhea’s Future and Verdict



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