’Supergirl’: ‘Ace Reporter’ Review

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Supergirl 218Supergirl returned tonight as Kara deals with being unemployed after being fired from CatCo. She decides to focus on being the Girl of Steel, but unfortunately it’s – for once – a quiet day in National City and her services aren’t needed for now. Kara decides to hang out at home until Lena Luthor knocks on the door and asks her for a favor. Lena’s ex is back in town and invited her to a big press conference for his company where they are unveiling new technology. Kara decides to support Lena by going with her to the conference. Kara however runs into Snapper Carr and there is instant tension between the two of them.

The conference starts as Jack Spheer presents a new nano-technology, Biomax that can heal and eradicate any disease. It was a project that Jack and Lena worked on together when they were still dating. A Q&A is held and Kara asks the first question, but gets interrupted by Snapper. Kara takes the spotlight back and gets her question answered. Later on Kara and Jack are formally introduced to one another as he and Lena go to catch up. A Biospheer Technologies employee, Joe, follows Kara and tells her that he has some valuable information that she may be interested in. The two of them meet up later that night and Joe tells her what he knows, but suddenly some swarming nano-technology bees attack Joe’s car and blows it up.

Guardian is taking down a criminal, but is stunned when he sees Winn and Lyra making out in the van which annoys him. Winn tells James that Lyra is here to hell him with the crime fighting, but that doesn’t sit well with James. James reluctantly agrees to let her tag along with them which gets Winn excited. The next morning, Kara visits CatCo to ask James for a favor. Snapper interferes and is pissed that James is willing to help her, despite not being employed there anymore. Before she leaves, Kara overhears a conversation that Snapper is going to go meet a source about Biomax. She follows him and overhears the conversation between him and Derrick Simmons before the swarming nano-technology bees arrive to attack them. They destroy Derrick and try to attack Kara who uses her ice breath on them before getting Snapper out of the building.

When Kara gets back to the apartment, Mon-El tells her that Lena called to try and talk her out of having dinner with Jack. Realizing that he is up to no good, Kara and Mon-El go to the same restaurant to keep an eye on Lena. They decide to join them and Kara starts asking Jack about Biomax. Jack talks about how he regretted letting go off Lena and how he figured out the technology as he was missing Lena during that time. Lena tells Kara that she and Jack need some privacy so she and Mon-El take off. While hugging him, Mon-El manages to steal Jack’s security card to get into his building. Jack and Lena reconnect back at her office and the two starts making out. Meanwhile, Mon-El and Kara are sneaking into Jack’s office and trying to find more information about how he developed the nano-technology. They discover a video of him experimenting on himself as they see that Jack can turn into the swarming nano-tech bees.

As Mon-El plugs in the USB to the computer, Jack somehow gets the signal that something is wrong and leaves Lena. He makes himself into the swarming bees again and gets into the office as he is looking for the intruders. The next day, Kara visits Lena to apologize for intruding on their dinner last night. Kara goes on to tell her that Jack hasn’t been entirely honest and that Biomax is very dangerous. Lena doesn’t believe Kara, but gets shown the video that they found on his computer. Lena tells Kara to not bury the story, but to let her at least talk with Jack first which gets Kara worried as she thinks it’s dangerous. Kara pays Snapper a visit at CatCo and hands over the information she has on Jack in exchange of getting a second chance to work for him as a reporter. She apologizes for going behind his back with the Cadmus story and Snapper accepts it.

Lena confronts Jack about his secrets regarding Biomax, but he tries to deny it over and over again. Suddenly Jack’s assistant, Beth, appears and reveals that Jack is under her control. She tells Lena that he was controlled the whole time since they ran into each other. Beth tries to get Jack to inject Lena with the nano-technology so she can be controlled too. Supergirl shows up and starts taking on the swarming bees while Lena takes on Beth. The bees manage to trap Supergirl, but Lena destroys the device controlling Jack. He regains control and Lena tries to override the system as she gets warned by Beth that Jack will die if she overrides it. Jack tells Lena to do it and she overrides the system as the bees fall off Supergirl while Jack dies.

The next day Kara goes to comfort Lena as she is mourning Jack’s death. Lena tells Kara the story when Lex was arrested and how Lillian barely reacted when it happened. Lena is terrified that she is just emotionless as her mother and she explains to Kara how she fears about the person she might become one day. Kara comforts her and promises Lena that she will always be there for her, no matter what. Later that evening, Kara goes to Snapper’s office as she is officially reinstated. Snapper gives her the latest issue of the paper and reveals that he gave her a byline. He praises her for Kara’s good work before asking her to work with late. Back at Lena’s office, Rhea offers her a business proposal.

There was a lot that went down in tonight’s big episode that we have to discuss. So let’s go through the top 5 highlights and important moments of the Supergirl Season 2 episode: “Ace Reporter”

#5: Rahul Kohli As Jack Spheer

#4: Kara Danvers Vs Snapper Carr

#3: Team Guardian Gets A New Member

#2: Kara Grow As A Reporter

#1: Verdict & Other Thoughts

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Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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  • lawdog

    The Guardian stuff got to go, sorry. It now has literally nothing to do with the main plot. Why do we need to see James taking down teens stealing beer? How does that further the story of supergirl or even any of the villain plots? Give him his own show, send him to Legends of Tomorrow or write him out. Its not even disliking the character or actor anymore, it just makes no sense.

    The real plot was probably one of the better done one-offs this year. It actually had something for Kara and Supergirl to do, had a compelling storyline, a good villain and had no plot holes. (this is a big improvement). My big complaint is actually it was too crammed. They need to stop killing villains after one or two episodes, let the story breathe a little. They rush stuff way too much on this show..slow it down. They finally get a couple a good villains like Biomax and Mxy, and they are one-offs..they break up Kara/Mon El and they are back together in one episode..slow down! It just kills suspense and plot building and makes everything low stakes for the viewer, even where the villain dies, like here.

    Season 2 is almost over, and besides Melissa Benoist, the show is still way too uneven. Its like they are splashing around and throwing things against the wall. The really need to regroup for season 3 and map out episodes better and actually make us think they ave a plan for the season. The beginning of the season, I forgave it, because they were probably “yay, we are not cancelled!..uh oh, now what?” But 20 some episodes in..that excuse does not fly anymore, they need to tighten it up.

  • Polish Announce Table

    This was a useless episode. The only thing that mattered for this season was the end scene.