‘Supergirl’: Brenda Strong Talks Lillian Luthor’s Evil Plans

supergirl-brenda-strongOne of the new characters that we have met in Supergirl Season 2 is the villanious Lillian Luthor, mother of Lena and Lex, played by Desparate Housewives’ Brenda Strong who this week striked big time against Kara as well as Mon-El. Working as the leader of Project Cadmus, which is currently holding Alex Danvers’ father Jeramiah Danvers (Dean Cain) captative, Lillian has also brought life back to the real Hank Henshaw as Cyborg Superman who made his debut in last night’s episode.

In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, Strong spoke about Lillain’s arc in the second season, what’s coming up for her and what Mama Luthor’s evil plans are. When asked about what her dynamic with her daughter Lena will be like in coming episodes.

“First of all, I love the character and what they’ve done with her. I love playing with this relationship. It’s a very tricky relationship in a lot of respects, as a lot of mother/daughter relationships are. But, when you include the added twist that Lena is adopted, it creates a lot of tension of belonging and “am I really a Luthor or not? And what is my role in this family?”

There is a lot of psychology that needs to be worked out between these two. I don’t think it’s going to be wrapped up easily in one or two episodes. This is good ground to cover over many, many episodes because it’s a very complex relationship. I don’t think we know a lot about what Lena is thinking. That’s part of the enigmatic nature of the character. It’s pretty clear what Mama Luthor is thinking, so we are going to have to wait and see.”

We saw last night that Cyborg Superman asked the Fortress of Solitude about everything that it knows about Project Medusa, to which Strong gave the following tease.

“Absolutely and that’s her intention. Her intention is to wipe out all alien existence on Earth. The Medusa Virus is the thing to do that.”

In addition, when asked what Lillian’s full motives are for the world and how getting rid of aliens from Earth is key to that, Strong explained Lillain seeing how her son was damaged by Superman, hence her hatred towards aliens.

“Mostly, it’s out of protection and vengeance for what she sees as the inequity of what Lex got in his multi-year sentence. She feels that was not a fair shake because Lex was a real Superman, as you heard her say. I think Lillian is trying to right the wrongs against her family, but I also think there is an underlying message about anything that is an “other” as a threat. We all project something that we don’t understand as a threat to us. Obviously the audience sees Superman and Supergirl as the heroic characters that they are. To her, they are a threat because they represent a power she doesn’t personally have. That’s where that vengeance streak comes in, which is to want to eradicate anything else from happening to her family. It’s like Mama Bear.”

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Source: CBR

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