’Supergirl’: ‘Crossfire’ Review

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supergirl-review-205Supergirl  have been focusing on establishing Mon-El in these first couple of episodes and this week it was time to finally put Mon-El into the world with his own secret identity and role. Kara gets Mon-El an internship at CatCo as “Mike” who has more than a few things to learn about not just his job, but how to blend in with humans in general.

When Kara and James are attacked by a gang wielding alien weapons, James starts having enough of being the guy people walk on or being the victim. This prompts James to look into suiting up as a hero and honor his father’s memory while also getting to step out from being the sidekick.

Lena and Kara get to bond quite a bit in this episode as does Lena with Supergirl when she asks the Girl of Steel for some help with dealing with the alien-weapons gang that Project Cadmus distributed weapons to. While Lena do get closer with Kara, the episode ends with a surprise about Lena.

With so much happening in this episode, there’s a lot that we want to break down and discuss. So let’s go through the top 5 highlights and important moments of the Supergirl Season 2 episode: “Crossfire”

#5: Mon-El’s First (And Last) Day At Cat Co

#4: Maggie & Alex Grow Closer

#3: Project Cadmus Strikes

#2: James’ Journey Towards Heroism      

#1: One Of Lena’s Secrets Revealed

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  • Marysocontrary

    They mentioned earlier in the season that Cadmus was going to be the big bad for the fist half of the season, with someone or something else as the the big bad for the whole season. Since they’re bringing on Cyborg Superman, it’s most likely going to be him.