’Supergirl’: ‘The Darkest Place’ Review

supergirl-207-reviewSupergirl dealt with secrets and reveals to a big extent this week after Mon-El got kidnapped by Lillian Luthor and Project Cadmus in the previous episode. As Kara discovers that Mon-El has been taken by Cadmus, she goes to rescue him only to become a captive herself.

Lillian, who hates both her and Superman for what her son, Lex, had to go through, begins to torture Mon-El and threatens to kill him if Supergirl doesn’t collaborate. She forces Kara to use her super-heat-vision so that she becomes human temporarily and proceeds to steal Kara’s blood for mysterious reasons.

J’onn begins to feel weird after being saved by M’gann who, despite not wanting to, had to go through a transfusion to save him. As the team discovers that his cells are turning into those of a White Martian, J’onn realizes that M’Gann has been lying this whole time and that she is in fact a White Martian.

After making his debut as National City’s new vigilante Guardian, James (and Winn) listens to harsh reactions by their friends. However it gets worse as someone tries to pose as Guardian and ruin his reputation. To clear his name, James eventually discovers who the copycat is and goes after him.

The episode concludes with Cyborg Superman invading the Fortress of Solitude thanks to Kara’s blood and demands to learn everything about a certain project. With so much happening in this incredibly packed episode, there’s a lot that we want to break down and discuss. So let’s go through the top 5 highlights and important moments of the Supergirl Season 2 episode: “The Darkest Place”

#5: Team Supergirl Reacts To Guardian

#4: J’onn Discover M’gann’s Secret

#3: Hank Henshaw Lives – Enter Cyborg Superman

#2: Alex & Maggie Deal With Last Week’s Events

#1: Lillian Luthor’s Bigger Plan Revealed

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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