‘Supergirl’ Episode 2 Title Revealed


With the season 2 premier of Supergirl fast approaching, details about the show’s return are being kept tight under wraps, with still no footage being released. However, we do now know the title of episode 2 of the show’s second season: “The Last Children of Krypton“. It’s pretty clear who this title refers to, but it becomes more interesting when we consider that Superman isn’t currently scheduled to appear in any more episodes of the show after this one (though I can’t imagine that really means anything, especially in the Arrowverse).

 In Season Two, Kara has left the safety of being Cat Grant’s assistant in order to figure out what she really wants to do, while as Supergirl she continues to work at the DEO., protecting the citizens of National City and searching for Jeremiah and Cadmus. Along the way, she will team up with Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) to battle new villains, as she strives to balance her personal life with her life as a superhero.

Supergirl returns to our screens on Monday October 10th, making its debut on the CW. Episode 2 airs the following Monday, October 17th.

Source: Kryptonsite

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    Why not just list all the titles together when they’re known? Posting a paragraph about one episode’s title at a time is kinda wasteful.

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    The Hebrews at CW want the brainwashed public to accept this as Superman?

    I’m glad I don’t watch the television Jew

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      Screencapped before deletion.