’Supergirl’: ‘Exodus’ Review

Supergirl 215Supergirl starts off intensely this week as an alien family is taken by mysterious men posing as police officers that are most likely working for Cadmus since the events of last week’s episode when Lillian Luthor got a hold of the alien registry. The trouble continues when Cadmus kidnaps Winn’s alien girlfriend, Lyra, at the Alien Bar.

With Cadmus kidnapping aliens one by one, Kara tries to use CatCo as a way to warn the alien citizens in National City, but Snapper Carr isn’t willing to run her article, unless she has one heck of a source. Kara offers Snapper an interview with the Girl of Steel, but the interview doesn’t go as planned when Snapper asks Supergirl for her source. Kara gets suggested by Lena to publish her article on a separate blog, so the warning gets out there. As Kara goes through with publishing her article, she is later faced with a big consequence for her action when Snapper fires her. Despite that he acknowledges that Kara’s story was right, Snapper didn’t like how she went about it.

Alex is still struggling with her father betraying the D.E.O. and J’onn notices that she is a bit off her edge this week. While she tries to convince J’onn that she is fine, however, J’onn proves her wrong when he later shows up as Jeremiah to test her. When she falls for his test, J’onn reveals himself and tells her that she is suspended until the Cadmus situation is over. Alex teams up with Maggie to try and track down Cadmus without the help of the D.E.O. She infiltrates Cadmus on her own as Alex tries to stop Project Exodus which is revealed to be a large spaceship that will send the aliens back into outer space.

Alex gets caught by Cadmus agents, but she reveals that she has planted several bombs in the facility and threatens to detonate them if they don’t call off the Exodus launch. Jeremiah makes the choice to go against Cadmus and the two Danvers members begin to fight the agents. As Alex frees the prisoners inside the ship, time runs out and the ship begins to take off into outer space. Kara arrives to try slowing it down as she uses all of her strength to do so. While they stopped one threat for now, a new one is arriving on Earth, as the episodes ends with the reveal of those two hooded figures on the spaceship from earlier this season.

A lot went down in tonight’s big episode that we have to discuss. So let’s go through the top 5 highlights and important moments of the Supergirl Season 2 episode: “Exodus”

#5: Alex Goes Solo

#4: Project Exodus

#3: End Of Kara’s Career

#2: Enter Teri Hatcher & Kevin Sorbo

#1: Verdict & Other Thoughts


Andy Behbakht

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