‘Supergirl’: Jeremy Jordan Discusses Guardian’s Weakness & If Winn Will Suit Up


Jeremy Jordan is best known for playing Winn Schott in the CW’s Supergirl. Last season saw his character as nothing more than a friend of Kara’s with an unhealthy obsession for her, while this season has given him much more to do between joining the D.E.O. and now joining James Olsen on his quest to become his own superhero, the Guardian.

The road to helping James has not been a smooth one, however, as it took quite a bit of convincing Winn to persuade him. We saw Guardian during last episode, and as of right now not even Supergirl knows the heroes true identity.

Jordan spoke with TVline about his character and about his developing storyline assisting James Olsen. He reveals both Guardian’s main weakness at the moment, as well as how he thinks Kara will take the news wen she eventually finds out.

“Not only is he stepping out and doing this whole Guardian thing with James, but he’s also lying to Kara — so things are starting to catch up to him. We saw his trepidation over creating Guardian, but he eventually gave in. And with James so gung-ho, always wanting to rush in guns-blazing … sooner or later, it’s going to get them into trouble.”

According to Jordan, Guardian goes too quick too soon. Olsen does not have super powers of any sort, and is brand new to the superhero game, so he’s bound to rush too quickly into dangerous situations. Also, he’s only a few steps ahead of Kara’s suspicion and will definitely start catching up to him. Could there be an eventual fallout between Winn, James, and Kara? At this point, only time will tell.

Jordan also talks about the possibility of gaining a suit and alias of his own, and if we can expect the computer whiz to joining Olsen in the field. According to the actor, chances are not that high.

“At this point, they’re just calling him ‘the man in the van,’ which is equal parts hilarious and creepy. I think we’ll stick with that for now. It has yet to be determined, at least in Winn’s mind, whether this Guardian thing will be able to sustain himself. I doubt Winn would be against building a suit for himself — maybe a big bubble that no one would break into — but going into the field? Not so much.”

Sorry folks, it looks as if Winn will be the Felicity to Olsen’s Guardian, acting as the behind the scenes computer man. That might be a good thing though, considering Jordan admits he thought his character could become a villain back in season one, with his father’s history as the Toyman. For someone with the name Winn, the character has not yet done a whole lot of winning.

“Early on, I thought maybe [Winn] was going to be a villain. But it’s been a really cool journey to see Winn become more confident and come into his own. He had so much more to give at CatCo, and he’s finally at a place where he can do that, while also getting to nerd out every day.”

It’s been a long journey for Winn so far, taking him from a love struck fool in season one to a more established part of a superhero duo during this season. Are you excited to see what else season 2 has in store for Winn? Make sure to let us know below in the comments.

Supergirl airs every Monday at 8 pm on the CW!

Source: TVLine

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