‘Supergirl’: Kevin Smith Talks Kara & Mon-El’s Relationship And More

Kevin Smith Directs Second Supergirl Season 2 Episode
Tonight Supergirl will return after successfully thwarting the plan of Lillian Luthor and meeting the mysterious Mon-El. The mid-season premiere will be directed by fan-favorite filmmaker Kevin Smith, who spoke with TVLine about his latest entry in the CW superhero universe.

Smith revealed that while the episode will include grand spectacle, his favorite moment of the episode is a simple one.

“We go to space, we have special effects, she even blows up a ship at one point. But my favorite scene we did was just Kara and Mon-El sitting on the couch.”

Smith discussed what believes the CW superhero shows are truly about amid the special effects and action.

“[They are] relationship dramas that just happen to have costumes in them.”

Smith praised the performances of Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood, who play Kara and Mon-El, respectively, even comparing them to another Arrowverse couple.

“What you’re seeing on Supergirl is this budding relationship between Kara and Mon-El that’s starting to feel [like The Flash’s Barry and Iris]. The writers are going to make us fall in love with these guys, and I hope they really nourish that story, because I think they’re wonderful together. There’s something very exciting and star-crossed there. … And the actors! Whenever Melissa [Benoist] and Chris [Wood] film a scene, it’s Charm City.”

Smith also discussed the potential for a tragic ending between the two characters should the series follow comic book lore.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know if we’ll get them forever, because I know the comic books. I’m not saying they can’t be together, but… yeah, they can’t be together. But I’m hoping we get the best of both worlds: We’ll watch the dance as we lead them towards a relationship, then deal with them when they can’t be together — if they end up playing things out like they do in the comics. The good news is that they can take liberties on the show. They’re not beholden to particular storylines.”

Smith revealed who he believes to be the key character on the series.

“Alex is the heart and soul of this show.”

Smith previewed the developing relationship between Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer.

“The Alex and Maggie relationship starts turning into something really beautiful. We got to do a couple of scenes with them, early in the relationship, where they start to figure out who they are as a couple.”

Smith also previewed a sequence from the episode featuring one of his favorite DC Comics characters, J’onn J’onzz.

“Hank turns to Alex, and in that perfect intonation — deep and rolling — he says that Slaver’s Moon has a red sun. Me and Eric [Carrasco], who wrote the episode, our nipples got hard. We lost our fluids.”

Smith expressed his appreciation for being able to work on the series.

“I’m there because I watch the show on a regular basis, so getting to go up there was a privilege. For me, it’s dream-come-true territory. I often describe it as being like Make-A-Wish. It’s ridiculous that they cut you a check for this sort of thing.”

Kevin Smith’s good fortune will continue as the enthusiastic fan will return to direct a second episode of Supergirl later this season.

Are you excited for the mid-season premiere? You can check out images from the episode here and watch a clip here!

Supergirl airs on Monday at 8:00 PM ET on The CW. Be sure to check back with Heroic Hollywood after each episode for weekly reviews!

Source: TVLine

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