‘Supergirl’ Actor Says The Legion’s Real Mission Presents Problems

Supergirl-Mon-El-Season-3In a recent interview, Supergirl actor Chris Wood stated that the Legion’s real mission is going to present problems for everyone trust in one another.

In the interview, he talked a bit about his character’s role in the show and what he thought he was doing, believing that he was the leader of the mission:

“Mon-El thought that he was spearheading this mission to come back, to stop the Worldkillers. What he didn’t know was this Plan B was really Plan A that was happening without his approval that Imra and Brainy put together. He’ll find out exactly what that plan was, and why they left him out of it. Obviously, that presents some problems from the Legion, and for the DEO because there’s a level of mistrust that comes with withholding information, which is a lesson Mon-El has learned multiple times, but this time he’s on the other side of it.”

Wood is, of course referring to the cliffhanger at then end of Supergirl’s last episode. In it, Wood’s character, Mon-El, and Imra, (Amy Jackson), had a discussion before the latter revealed that she hadn’t be honest about the nature of their mission. As to what that mission actually is, Wood gave little clues. He did, however, mention how it might effect his relationship with Supergirl.

“It definitely becomes an important element to their relationship moving forward in how much to reveal and when, and who does that really burden or help if he chooses to do that? That becomes his dilemma.”

New episodes of Supergirl are scheduled to begin airing this Monday. The show went on a nine week hiatus in order to make room for Legends of Tomorrow which aired its season finale last week. With the show’s return, fans may soon discover what the Legion’s true mission is and what it means for everyone’s future. Do any of you have any theories  as to what this mission might be? If so sound off in the comments below!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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