‘Supergirl’: Mr. Mxyzptlk Set To Appear In Season 2

The villainous Mr. Mxyzptlk from the Superman mythology is set to appear in two episodes in the second half of Supergirl Season 2 when it returns in 2017.

We have seen several new exciting DC Comics characters in Supergirl Season 2 so far with Superman, Metallo, Parasite, Lena Luthor, Miss Martian and several others. Another Superman villain is set to appear though in the second half of the season. Comicbook.com revealed today that the DC Comics baddie Mr. Mxyzptlk is set to appear for two episodes in the second season, although it wasn’t revaeled when he will be appearing or how the TV version of the fifth-dimensional imp will be portrayed.

Mr. Mxyzptlk has appeared in television before, both in animation and even live-action. His most well known appearance was in Superman: The Animated Series where he was voiced by the one and only Gilbert Gottfried. For his live-action appearances, he appeared in two episodes of Superboy, played by Michael J. Pollard as well as in one episode of Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman where Howie Mandel portrayed him.

His recent live-action appearance was in the WB/CW series, Smallville, where Clark Kent encountered a student by the name Mikhail Mxyzptlk who had the ability to affect anyone that would hear his words. He could make Clark choke himself if he wanted to or make him trip during a football match.

Supergirl Season 2 is currently on a hiatus and will return with new episodes on Monday, January 16, 2017 at 8/7c on The CW. Make sure to check back at Heroic Hollywood after every single episode of Season 2 for our weekly reviews.

Source: Comicbook.com

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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