’Supergirl’: ‘Resist’ Review

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SupergirlSupergirl kicks off with right where we left off last week as Rhea has started the Daxam invasion on Earth. Lena wakes up onboard Rhea’s ship, finding Rhea right next to her as Rhea tries to lie to Lena that Supergirl was trying to kill Lena. Rhea assures her that she meant what she said about Lena as she plans to take her care of her. Back in the city, Daxamite soldiers are attacking the citizens while Maggie tries to get away. Maggie calls Alex and tells her that she can’t find a way to escape before Daxamite soldiers teleport to the D.E.O. and starts attacking the agents. Alex manages to escape from the soldiers and jumps out from a balcony with Kara catching her.

Back on Rhea’s ship, Mon-El is still upset with his mother for causing this invasion. Rhea tries to convince her son that she is just trying to give him and the people of Daxam a new home. She tells Mon-El that he is the key to bringing the people of Earth and Daxam together while also revealing that Rhea plans to have him married with Lena in an arranged marriage. Elsewhere, Kara and the team are trying to figure out what to do next as Martian Manhunter is still down. Lillian Luthor emerges from the shadows as she offers to help the team, but they won’t trust her that easily. Mama Luthor proposes that they work together in order to save their loved ones. The team refuses to work with her as they don’t trust Lillian who warns them that Rhea’s ship has a Kryptonite canon on board, making it impossible for Kara to get in there. They still refuse and Lillian gets ready to leave before leaving Kara a cell phone to contact her, should she change her mind.

Back on the ship, Rhea gets contacted by President Marsdin who demands that Rhea stands down. Rhea mocks the President who is on her way to the city, but suddenly Cat Grant enters the room to join the video transmission to talk sense to Rhea. Kara and the team are managing to watch the whole conversation as Supergirl takes off to fly over to Air Force One which gets taken down. Cat falls out of the plane, but is luckily saved by the Girl of Steel. When they land, Kara believes the President is dead, but suddenly sees Olivia getting up…in her alien form as her secret is now out. Kara brings Cat and Olivia back to their hideout. Cat wonders why they are there, as Supergirl explains that they work with the D.E.O.

Olivia reveals her true origin as a Durlan and why she fought so hard for the safe alien registry. With J’onn currently out, Alex is now the acting director of the D.E.O. as Olivia needs the team to get back to stopping Rhea and the invasion. The president explains that they need to use the D.E.O.’s positron laser cannon to take down Rhea’s ship. Alex takes the President back to D.C. and when she gets back, the two Danvers sisters disagree about the President’s order. Kara steps out to get some air and finds Cat outside as Supergirl tells her that Mon-El and Lena are the ones that Rhea has taken away from her. As the Girl of Steel doesn’t know what to do, Cat comforts her and tells her why she left National City and where she went. Cat’s pep talk gets Supergirl motivated again as she flies away.

She goes to see Lillian and asks her how to get on the ship. Later on, Kara returns to Alex who isn’t happy that she brought Lillian and Cyborg Superman with her. Eventually they agree to team up and Lillian proposes that they get a hold of Superman’s Phantom Zone projector to teleport onboard Rhea’s ship. Once Mon-El and Lena are saved, Alex can fire the cannon at the ship. Cat offers to help them out by acting as distraction, as she and Winn head to CatCo. Supergirl, Cyborg Superman and Lillian go to the Fortress of Solitude to use the driver. Hank manages to activate the teleporter as they get teleported to Rhea’s ship where the wedding between Mon-El and Lena is about to take place. As she is about to complete the ceremony, Cat interrupts with a video transmission as she is sending a message to National City, to fight back no matter what. The citizens of the city get inspired to fight back while Rhea orders her warriors to and kill Cat. Meanwhile, Kara fights her way through the ship while Mon-El and Lena manages to take down the warrior escorting them to their cell. Eventually Supergirl and Lillian find them as they all get ready to take off.

Lillian, Lena and Hank teleport away, while leaving Kara and Mon-El behind as they can’t get off the ship. Refusing to do so, Lillian calls Alex to tell her that she can now fire the cannon at the ship as Alex begins to charge up the cannon. Lena demands that Lillian turn the teleporter back on, but Mama Luthor refuses. However, Kara was one step ahead of Lillian this time, as she had Winn managed to bug a device on Cyborg Superman back at the D.E.O. in case Lillian would betray them. Kara gets him to re-activate the teleporter and tells Mon-El to leave without her. Kara wants to try one last time to get Rhea to surrender and Mon-El gets teleported away.

Back on Earth, Winn and Cat try to escape a group of Daxamite soldiers, before Guardian shows up to save the day. When the fight is over, Cat calls James out as she knew he was Guardian.  Mon-El arrives at the Fortress as Lena wonders where Supergirl is as he gets in touch with Alex, telling her that Kara is still onboard. But the President is demanding that Alex fire the cannon at the ship, but something makes the cannon suddenly explode. Kara confronts Rhea alone as she begs her to stop the invasion, as the ship is being targeted. Rhea doesn’t care as she still thinks the game is in her favor. Rhea informs Kara that she was one step ahead of the Last Daughter of Krypton who is suddenly knocked down. As Kara looks up, she is horrified to see that it’s none other than her own cousin….Superman.

There was a lot that went down in tonight’s intense episode that we have to discuss. So let’s go through the top 5 highlights and important moments of the Supergirl Season 2 episode: “Resist”

#5: Cat Grant’s Epic Return

#4: Olivia Marsdin’s Origin Revealed

#3: Heroes & Villains Team-Up

#2: A Shocking Opponent Emerges

#1: Verdict & Other Thoughts

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