’Supergirl’: ‘Star-Crossed’ Review

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Supergirl 216Supergirl opens up with the arrival of Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo’s characters arrive in National City as they send out the message to the whole city that they demand the release of Mon-El before dawn. Mon-El decides to turn himself in and as he is getting teleported onto the ship, Kara suddenly goes with him and they are both taken to the ship. Inside it Kara is shocked to see the alien soldiers bow before Mon-El as Hatcher and Sorbo’s characters walk in and reveal themselves to be his parents. But that isn’t the only surprise that Kara gets as she learns that Mon-El was the Prince of Daxam.

During an awkward dinner, Mon-El explains that he was under the belief that his family were dead and we flashback to the day when he escaped from Daxam. With all of this new information, Kara gets upset and returns back to Earth. Rhea, Mon-El’s mother, is however not giving up on her agenda as she requests to talk with Kara to ask for a favor: to convince Mon-El to return with them to Daxam. Kara talks with Mon-El and tries to convince him to go back to Daxam as he now has the choice to go home, something she will never get to. Later that day, Mon-El and Kara have another big talk as he begs for her forgiveness, but Kara can’t accept that he kept all of this from her. She breaks up with him and asks Mon-El to leave her apartment. While Mon-El returns to the ship, he tells his parents that he can’t go with them as he now has a life on Earth and how Kara has influenced him to become a better person.

The next morning, Winn tries to cheer Kara up who is considering taking a little trip to Earth-1 to cheer herself up, as Mon-El arrives. J’onn gives everyone the heads up that a special prisoner is about to arrive and we meet the Music Meister. However, he is quite happy to see Supergirl as he have been looking for her interdimensional transporter. He uses his abilities to hypnotize her and steals the transporter before taking off to Earth-1. As Music Meister escapes to Earth-1, Kara passes out and we start to float into a dream where she finds herself in a dress inside of a 1920’s club. She is suddenly on a stage in front of a mic and a club filled with people that are waiting for her to start singing.

There was a lot that went down in tonight’s big episode that we have to discuss. So let’s go through the top 5 highlights and important moments of the Supergirl Season 2 episode: “Star-Crossed”

#5: Enter Teri Hatcher & Kevin Sorbo

#4: Mon-El’s Secret Revealed

#3: Trouble In Winn’s Paradise

#2: The Break Up

#1: Date With The Music Meister

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