’Supergirl’: ‘Supergirl Lives’ Review

Supergirl 209 Review The CWSupergirl is officially back from its winter hiatus and it returned with a bang as Kara investigates the disappearance of a young girl, Izzy, but gets trapped on Slaver’s Moon with Mon-El. The episode opens up with Kara trying to stop a couple of criminals, with Guardian joining her in stopping them.

A woman shows up at CatCo, asking for help to find her missing daughter Izzy and Kara promises to find her, which annoys Snapper. When Supergirl starts the search, Mon-El decides to join her, but their investigation gets them trapped on Slaver’s Moon where several humans have been taken to. What Kara wasn’t prepared for was that there is a Red Sun on Slaver’s Moon which means she and Mon-El are powerless against Roulette who is working with the Maaldorians as well as the Dominators. Roulette explains that after their first encounter, she was forced to go into slave trade.

Winn confesses to James that after almost getting killed the other night, he can’t go out there again. Alex later shows up and asks if they have seen Kara lately as she isn’t able to reach her. When the D.E.O. discovers what happened to Kara, they go on a rescue mission which Winn gets recruited to. Meanwhile, Kara stands up to the foes and a battle takes place between the humans and the Maaldorians. Once reunited with Alex and the D.E.O., they return to Earth as Kara destroys the transmatter portal.

A lot went down in the big mid-season premiere of the show which also gave us a few new mysteries to chew on in the second half of the season. So let’s go through the top 5 highlights and important moments of the Supergirl Season 2 episode: “Supergirl Lives”

#5: Winn’s Struggle On The Field

#4: Alex & Maggie

#3: Visit To Slaver’s Moon

#2: New Pieces To The Mon-El Mystery

#1: Verdict & Other Thoughts


Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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  • neuikc

    I feel like they’re forcing some of the relationships. I also feel when they changed course on the Kara and James Olsen relationship in the back of my head I keep thinking it was because of whatever metrics they used that their inter-racial relationship wasn’t tracking well, which rubs me wrong. It also feels like they bowed to pressure about having a strong independent woman in Alex’s character and felt they had to soften her up for audience appeal.

    I’ll keep watching, but the way they’re bringing things about on the personal stories aren’t feeling genuine right now, and much more forced.