Supergirl’s Biggest Enemy Is Her Hangover In New Clip From Tonight’s Episode


James Olsen debuts as the Guardian in tonight’s new Supergirl episode, “Changing”, and to get fans primed the CW has released a second preview clip. Unfortunately this clip doesn’t show Guardian, but it does show Kara nursing a pretty large happy hour induced buzz. Kara mentions that Mon-El took her to happy hour, and he apparently knows how to “drink drinks”.

“Changing” also introduces the villain Parasite, who was seen in the episode’s first clip. It is unknown if Kara is impacted by the power-draining villain, but considering she became intoxicated as quickly as she did for a Kryptonian, my guess it that her powers are temporarily drained.

Check out the clip and decide for yourself:

Do you think Parasite sapped Kara of her powers? Make sure to let us know what you think below in the comments.

Supergirl 2×06 “Changing” Season 2 Episode 6 Sneak Peek #2 – THE GUARDIAN DEBUTS IN NATIONAL CITY – The Guardian debuts to lend a hand after a parasite alien drains Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) of her power. Mon-El (Chris Wood) considers a less than desirable new career which then leads him to contemplate his motives. Alex (Chyler Leigh) struggles with a new reality.

Supergirl airs every Monday night at 8 pm on the CW.

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