Supergirl’s Laura Benanti Discusses Her Dual Role As Astra and Supermom

Laura Benanti, a long time collaborator of Greg Berlanti, recently sat down with TV Line to discuss her dual role of Supergirl’s Mother and Aunt the evil General Astra. The Tony Award winner, Benanti discusses her fight and flight choreography, and how she learned to throw a punch rather than move like a dancer.

Benanti had this to say:

This is so different from anything I’ve done. And I love that Greg Berlanti, who I’ve known forever, since I worked with him on Eli Stone, thought of me for this. When he called me and offered me this job, first he pitched me Alura and I was like, “That sounds so nice and sweet. I can see why you thought of me.” And then when he was describing Astra, I was like, “That is really cool. I’ve never done anything like this!” It’s fun not only to do something new but also be seen in a different light.

It is important to remember that Supergirl is old enough to remember that her Mother had a twin sister, but I don’t think that will make it any easier for her to fight the spitting image of her dead Mom. Berlanti and company are well known for shading their good and evil characters with meaty grey qualities, and I’m looking forward to General Astra’s motivation and machinations.




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