The Top 5 Superheroes Who Dated Other Superheroes

Green Arrow DC Comics SuperheroesImagine if superheroes used their favorite fun dating site to get together with other superhuman crimefighters?  It’s so much more convenient than trying to meet someone in the middle of all those explosions!

Superheroes can be traced back to ancient mythology, when the Greeks and Romans told tales of heroes like Hercules or Jason and his Argonauts, battling fantastical creatures. There is an enduring fascination with larger than life characters fighting Nazis, evil masterminds or aliens. But one aspect of superheroes we can all identify with is their human side. When they aren’t saving the planet, they sometimes fall in love, with or without dating apps; sometimes with other superheroes. So what are five classic examples of superheroes who have got together?

Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man

The former created the Brotherhood of Mutants with her twin brother Quicksilver, a mutant subspecies with magical abilities. A sorceress always portrayed in livid red, draped in a flame-like cloak, her abilities include the power to alter reality, making her a formidable opponent. Wonder Man is another supervillain, one who has been given powerful skills by Baron Zemo thanks to the use of ‘ionic energy’. This grants him a wide skillset, such as instant reflexes and incredible speed, not to mention near invincibility and immortality. Wonder Man develops a crush for his fiery counterpart and they date, although there are many twists and turns in their relationship.

Apollo and Midnighter

The superhero was brought into the 21st century with this storyline, which was not only focused on a same-sex relationship, the comic series received a strong rating due to its violence and profanity. Midnighter is a human with artificially-enhanced abilities, while Apollo is a superhero who can absorb solar energy and transform it into physical strength, as well as being able to his eyes like lasers. They get together after saving kidnapped children who had been abducted, but as with anything else in the world of superheroes, their relationship faces many twists and turns.

Invincible and Atom Eve

Invincible struggles with the traditional teenage concerns of homework, acne, and issues with girls. On top of that, he is a supervillain, who happens to be a hybrid between a human and a Viltrumite. Atom Eve was created to be a superweapon after she was switched at birth with a stillborn to hide her from government agents. Growing into a strong-willed teen, she meets Invincible and romance blossoms, although Atom Eve later quits her fantastical role to focus on humanitarian work in Africa.

Black Canary and Green Arrow

Black Canary is one of the earliest of the superhero creations, a fiesty hand-to-hand fighter with a dizzying array of skills, from taekwondo to boxing. She has been well trained by the likes of Batman and Wonder Woman. But one of her most formidable weapons is her canary-like screech, allowing her to destroy objects (although she much prefers a good old punch-up). Green Arrow is the Robin Hood of the superhero universe, dressed in green with supreme archery skills. The two meet marry, creating an awesome double-act.

Spider-Man and Kitty Pryde

Spider-man may be able to leap from skyscraper to skyscraper, shooting webs from his wrist, but he is brought back to earth when he falls for Kitty Pryde, one of the youngest members of the X-Men. The pair bonded over their mutual interests in science and pop culture, not to mention their shared outsider status and crimefighting strengths, only for Spidey to ditch her after becoming reconciled with Mary-Jane, his main love interest. Even superheroes succumb to dating ups and downs.

The Superhero Movies Of 2018, Ranked From Worst To Best

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Superhero Cinema 2018 Black Panther Avengers Thanos The Incredibles Aquaman2018 has gone by too fast. It seems like yesterday when the beginning of the new year was upon us, and the advent of having so many superhero movies hitting theaters seemed like a dream come true for every fanboy and fangirl. It’s also funny to look back and remember that although we ended up with a whopping nine major theatrical superhero movies, we almost had eleven. Sadly, Fox delayed both Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants to 2019 instead.

Even with those two films delayed, 2018 was still a massive year not just at the box office, but for the continued advancement of the genre on a number of levels. Whether it was through the cultural significance of a film like Black Panther or the exciting animated adventures of Incredibles 2 and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, there was no shortage of exciting superhero stories told on the big screen this year.

Here are the theatrical superhero films of 2018, ranked from worst to best. You can start the gallery by clicking “Next.”

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