5 Superheroes That Deserve Their Own Video Game Universe

5. The Fantastic Four


The Fantastic Four haven’t had a great cinematic run. Some would argue they haven’t even had a good one. The Fantastic Four is, er was, one of the major teams in Marvel Comics, but they haven’t been together since the Secret Wars crossover event back in 2015. The Fantastic Four were a major influence in the Marvel universe between Reed Richards, a.k.a. Mister Fantastic, often being the go-to scientist in the comics. Also, Doctor Doom and the rest of their rogues alone are enough reason for them to have their own game.

The Fantastic Four would make for a great multiplayer action/adventure game, or even a single player game where players can choose a member and play through the story together, or switch between characters in single player. Characters like Black Panther, who was introduced in issue #52 of Fantastic Four, could make cameos and eventually be playable or just tag along as an AI ally in future games.

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  • Maxi Iroh

    Would put Daredevil, Martian Manhunter or Superman in the Punisher and Miss Marvel’s place though.

  • kebernet

    Super Hot would make a pretty good starting point for making a Flash game.

  • Bidan

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  • Darthmanwe

    5. No, no one will play. Not even a Lego FF4.
    4. Doing Green Lantern games require AAA budget and gigantic studio behind it, if you are going to make a proper open world + space game, and not just some lame linear 3rd person action shooter. And no producer would buy that license from WB to spend 200 mill on a game that might flop.
    3. See above bulletpoint, only the chance of failure is more amplified.
    2. The most feasible one, because Punisher lends to a well made linear action shooter storyline that can be done in an emotional and brutal way. It can be done with a modest budget and development team, so it might get the greenlight.
    1. The problem with WW is that effectively…. Those games are made. They ARE called God of War, only with Kratos as Diana.