Superman: Legacy’s Mr Terrific Actor Edi Gathegi Is Looking As Jacked As David Corenswet

"Not playing around," Trainer Paolo Mascitti says

Superman Legacy Mr Terrific Edi Gathegi David Corenswet Mister Terrific

David Corenswet isn’t the only actor getting jacked for the upcoming Superman: Legacy as Edi Gathegi, who will play Mr Terrific in the film, is making some serious gains as well.

Gathegi’s trainer Paolo Mascitti (who also trains Corenswet) posted an Instagram story about the kind of shape his client is currently achieving as Gathegi preps to join the ensemble cast. Check it out!

“Not playing around,” Mascitti said.

Who is Mr Terrific

The name Mr. Terrific is closely associated with two DC Comics superheroes, the first being Terry Sloane. Debuting in 1942’s Sensation Comics #1, Sloane was a man of remarkable skill and wealth.

Despite his material success, he felt a lack of true fulfillment. Seeking to address this void, Sloane established the Fair Play Club to aid troubled youths and adopted the superhero persona of Mr. Terrific.

As Mr. Terrific, Sloane was a member of two prominent DC superhero teams, the All-Star Squadron and the Justice Society of America. In most iterations of DC canon, Terry Sloane’s Mister Terrific is portrayed as a symbol of a bygone era.

The second Mister Terrific, also known as Michael Holt, is a brilliant and multi-talented superhero within the DC Comics universe. With his exceptional intellect, athletic prowess, and mastery of various martial arts, Mister Terrific fights crime and injustice with unwavering determination.

He is also known for his technological expertise, often utilizing his inventive mind to create advanced gadgets and tools to aid in his crime-fighting endeavors. Despite his formidable abilities, Mister Terrific remains humble and compassionate, using his talents to make the world a better place for all.

His unwavering dedication to justice and his commitment to using his gifts for the greater good make him a truly inspiring and admirable figure in the world of superheroes.

Both iterations of Mister Terrific do not possess inherent superhuman abilities. In a sense, their vigilantism parallels their success in the business world; both Michael Holt and Terry Sloane are essentially self-made superheroes.

Through rigorous training in various disciplines, Holt and Sloane exhibit Olympic-level physical attributes and a diverse range of skills, including expertise in hand-to-hand combat. Mr. Terrific’s extensive array of talents is a result of his nearly supernatural aptitude for learning.

What distinguishes them, and what elevates Holt as the more formidable of the two characters, is his cutting-edge technology. Holt is outfitted with his signature T-Spheres, autonomous mechanical devices that hover and assist him in combat.

With a range of functions integrated by Holt, the T-Spheres enable him to evade detection by radars and satellites, facilitating stealthy infiltration of enemy compounds. Additionally, they serve as versatile tools in combat, capable of detonation, emitting electric blasts, providing aerial transport, and more.

Undeniably, the T-Spheres stand as a pivotal component of his arsenal, ultimately setting Holt apart from Sloane. At present, the specific plans that James Gunn and the DC Universe have in place for Mister Terrific in Superman: Legacy and the future remain somewhat uncertain.

Superman: Legacy will open in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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