‘Superman’ Stars Edi Gathegi And María Gabriela De Faría Are Ripped In New Photos

The Superman cast gets RIPPED!

Edi Gathegi María Gabriela De Faría Superman Physique DC Universe Reboot

Everyone in the Superman cast is getting jacked! A new set of photos show off the fantastic physiques of Edi Gathegi And María Gabriela De Faría ahead of their DC Universe debut.

The internet has been raving about David Corenswet’s physique to play Superman in the upcoming reboot. However, he isn’t the only member of the DC Universe to put on some muscle. Both Edi Gathegi (Mr. Terrific) and María Gabriela de Faría (The Engineer) have been working just as hard as Corenswet to shape their physique ahead of their superhero debut, and it seems like that hard work is paying off!

These photos show the sheer dedication that Edi Gathegi are María Gabriela de Faría are putting in to make this Superman reboot something truly special. The DC Universe is going to have an uphill battle, with blockbusters across the spectrum struggling at the box office. However, with physiques like those, it’s hard to imagine the film isn’t in good hands!

The Process Of Building A Superman Physique

For as easy as actors like Edi Gathegi and María Gabriela de Faría make it look, it’s almost a full time job to get a physique like the ones shown in those photos. In fact, it is Paolo Mascitti’s full time job, serving as the trainer for many of the actors in the Superman reboot. According to him, the key to getting a bod ready for the DC Universe is keeping workouts simple and strong.

“If you’re trying to gain size, your focus should be on big, compound moves,” Mascitti told GQ in a recent interview. “You need to be in a caloric surplus to provide the building blocks of muscle, and you need to progressively overload the muscles, which means lifting heavier and heavier weights each time, even if it’s for fewer sets. And my obsession is getting a full range of motion, which involves really controlling the negatives.”

In a world where so many fitness influencers try to cheat their way to the top or do flashy exercises that don’t improve their muscle, it’s a relief to hear the DC Universe is taking their training seriously, even deep into the production of Superman. The question isn’t if the heroes in the reboot will be truly buff, but which one will be the biggest!

Superman is currently scheduled to hit theaters on July 11, 2025. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the DC Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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