Sylvester Stallone To Direct ‘Creed 2’ Starring Michael B. Jordan

sylvester-stallone-creed-2-michael-jordan2015’s Creed was a special film. Not only did it expand the Rocky universe in a creative way, the Ryan Coogler-directed movie featured some amazing boxing scenes and above all, a huge amount of heart that had not been seen since the original Rocky (1976). Now Rocky himself is not only climbing back into the ring for Creed 2 as actor and producer, but according to his Instagram post, Sylvester Stallone will be directing this time as well.

If you’re not familiar with Creed, it was directed by Ryan Coogler (Black Panther, Fruitville Station) from a script he co-wrote with Aaron Covington. Jordan played Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis who convinces Rocky (Stallone) to train him. Stallone was nominated for the Academy Award for best supporting actor and won the Golden Globe Award in the same category. He received Oscar nominations for acting and screenplay for the original Rocky in 1976. Stallone also appeared in this year’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as  Ravager leader, Stakar Ogord, aka Starhawk.

Yesterday, Stallone posed with Jordan on his Instagram account using this caption:

Looking forward to directing and Producing The incredibly talented Michael B Jordan in CREED 2 next year … One more Round !

It was followed by the hashtags #Creed2 #mgm #fighting #workout #exercise #boxing

One can argue that no one knows this world better than Stallone who also directed  Rocky 2, 3, 4 and my favorite follow-up (until Creed) Rocky Balboa. All of the films are watchable but the original, Creed and Balboa deliver a poignancy punch that is above the others.

We can see Coogler and Jordan team up again in next February’s Black Panther, where he will play one of T’Challa’s most dangerous villains, Erik Killmonger.

9 Reasons Martian Manhunter Needs His Own DC Extended Universe Film

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Martian Manhunter DCFor more than 60 years, the character of Martian Manhunter has been a mainstay of the Justice League team and the DC Comics brand. Early readers loved his dynamic image when put against the likes of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. The green skin with the bold, red “X” across his chest, and even the stoic yet incredibly powerful character behind the image was certainly enough to keep him around.

But to modern fans of DC Comics, J’onn J’onzz is not seen as a truly beloved character akin to the Trinity, the Flash, Green Lantern or most of the other members of the Justice League. This is unfair. The Martian Manhunter is a classic DC character, and the fact that there haven’t been talks about introducing him on the big screen (as far as we know) is a crime. The character deserves, arguably, more than any other League member to be part of the DC Extended Universe moving forward.

Here are 9 reasons why Martian Manhunter needs his own DC Extended Universe movie. Click Next to get started.

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