Fan Art Casts Taron Egerton, Dacre Montgomery As Red Hood, Arsenal

Let’s get fan-art talking. Both of the actors in question are technically part of geek related projects already. Taron Egerton you’ll remember from the Kingsman films, while Dacre Montgomery has taken on the role of Jason in the recent Power Rangers film, not to mention his work in Stranger Things. Neither has been a part of projects involving DC or Marvel Studios, but one artist wanted to bring the actors together in regards to two particular characters from the DC Universe: Red Hood and Arsenal.

Now as far as Red Hood is concerned, the go-to pick as far as live-action casting has been Jensen Ackles, given his voice work in Batman: Under the Red Hood. And Arsenal is played by Colton Haynes over on the Arrowverse. But as far as the DC Extended Universe is concerned, we haven’t seen these characters pop up just yet. So one Reddit user shared some artwork that imagines Dacre Montgomery and Taron Egerton as Arsenal and Red Hood, respectively, which you can see in the artwork below:

FANART: DCEU Red Hood (Taron Egerton) and Arsenal (Dacre Montgomery) by @britedit and @savagecomics from DC_Cinematic

Indeed, the two do have armor similar seen to what Ben Affleck’s Batman has worn in the DC Extended Universe, and Dacre Montgomery’s Arsenal looks a bit more worn and battle ready compared to Arsenal in the Arrowverse just going off of the image, but right now, it remains to be seen who, if at all, would ultimately portray these characters in the DC Extended Universe. We’ve got Jason Todd in the world of Titans, so chances are Red Hood is spoken for there, but what about the film side?

Ultimately, it’s just a bit of fan art fun. No word yet on if there’ll be a cinematic take on Green Arrow, but we do know that there’s a full fledged Batman world in the DC Extended Universe, not just with Affleck’s Batman, but Chris McKay’s Nightwing project down the line, as well as Christina Hodson penning a script for Batgirl. So Bruce, Dick, and Barbara are taken care of, so Jason Todd and Red Hood probably is not out of the question.

But who would you want to see as Red Hood and Arsenal in the DCEU? Do you like the fan casting of Dacre Montgomery and Taron Egerton in these roles or do you have other actors in mind? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Reddit

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