Taron Egerton Reveals New Details About ‘Kingsman’ Sequel

While many moviegoers tend to complain about the amount of comic book movies hitting theaters in the recent years, I think we can all agree that last year was packed with a lot of spy movies and surprisingly, most of them were actually really good. However, there’s one which stands out the most, and that movie is Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that 20th Century Fox is already working on a sequel.   

While we don’t know much about the plot of the movie, one thing’s for sure – Taron Egerton will be reprising his role as the fan-favorite Eggsy. In a recent interview at the Sundance Film Festival, Egerton spoke with Collider and provided an update on the follow-up. Here’s what he had to say:

With Kingsman, we’re shooting in the summer at present. There’s a script, it’s brilliant. Obviously there’s only so much I can say but what I can say is that we shot [the first] one all in the U.K., that won’t be the case with the next one. It’s a far more international story, we’re going to some incredible places, and we have a villain to rival Samuel L. Jackson—this new one is so brilliantly written I wish I could play it. It’s amazing.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what Vaughn has in store for us, since Samuel L. Jackson’s Valentine was such a great and memorable villain. What about you guys? Are you excited for the sequel? Sound-off your thoughts in the comment section below.

The currently untitled Kingsman sequel is slated to hit theaters on June 16, 2017.

Source: Collider

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Michael Bezanidis

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